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Q&A with Guadalajara-native Chef Jose Alfonso Rodriguez

Ovolo Hotels

Meet the man behind Te Quiero Mucho @ Mojo Central

1. Tell us a little about Alfonso Rodriquez?

I started in the kitchen when I was 13 years old. I am very passionate about what I am doing, and want a leave a mark in the culinary world. I have worked in the USA, Spain, México and now Asia.


2. What’s your favourite ingredient or ingredients?

Spices and corn. They are very popular ingredients from my country.


3. What are your favourite restaurants around the world?

Can be a simple market place, or some place that creates new concepts and interesting food. For example Noma from Copenhagen, or Faviken from Norway. It’s in the middle of nowhere


4. What is your speciality?

Of course I know the cuisine from my country, but you develop your own style from the places you work, eat and travel. That’s my style, a mix of those things. It also depends on what I can find in the place where I am. Culture is another factor, where you need to create and adapt your menus.


5. What has been your main inspiration behind TQM’s concept?

Mexico and its rich culture. Street food is the main reason why I created our menu.


6. What are the influences to your cooking style?

Places where I have worked, travelled, ate and explored new places, culture and ingredients.


7. What makes a great restaurant?

Quality, authentic ingredients, traditional flavours from Mexico, great atmosphere and service.


8. Something interesting about you?

Young chef who’s always looking for a step up and passionate about the Kitchen and Mexico. I am always studying and there is not a moment where I do not stop thinking about a new creation.