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Martini Bar Brisbane With Bistro Dining

The Inchcolm Bar is an alluring sanctuary to explore and the perfect hide-away for those who wish to escape. It is a world away from reality full of tiny treasures, eccentricities and eclectic art pieces that will satisfy even the most curious of curiosities.

Bringing back the golden age of dining to Brisbane with timeless classics, The Inchcolm Bar’s carefully crafted menu pays tribute to a bygone era when cocktails were clinically endorsed, martinis and spirits were king, and bartenders celebrated.

Think Gertrude Stein’s Paris salon, where Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Picasso, Banksy, Lennon and Bowie would comfortably rub shoulders while sharing trailblazing ideas and indulging in bar classics.

Dining at The Inchcolm Bar

Rich and indulgent fare form approachable luxury, where local produce is celebrated, and meals are paired with the perfect martini.

This is a place where you can begin with an entrée of a dozen oysters, a steak tartare, or mussels in white wine sauce. Timeless. Then treat yourself to something more substantial like our signature Moreton Bay Bug Tagliarini, a classic Cape Grim strip loin steak, or our crispy skin barramundi. Do we need to go on?

For the most indulgent experience at The Inchcolm Bar, join us for our Three Martini Lunch (Friday and Saturday), or Three Martini Dinner (Monday to Saturday).


While the Martini is, we would argue, perfection itself, the cocktail is not just the sum of its parts. The Martini simply would not be the same without its seductive silhouette of a glass – the thin stem, the beautifully engraved design, the delicate edge – you cannot deny the sophistication and style of the most perfect sip drink of all time. But how did this beautiful tipple come about? Surely it wasn’t invented solely to make James Bond famous? 

The cocktail glass was originally developed not because of aesthetics but because of practicality. Likely dating to the late 19th century, the vessel suits cocktails that are served up. The lengthy stem and separated bowl ensure the cocktail is not warmed up too much by the drinker’s hands. 

It wasn’t until the early 20th century that the Martini glass came to be distinct from the cocktail glass. As Martinis must be served frosty cold, the long stem further ensures that the cocktail isn’t warmed up too quickly. The widened brim was also invented to best benefit the gin. The greater exposure to air helps the spirit to open up and the steeply sloping sides help support our famous in-house pickle fennel olives or Liqueur Cherries. 

To this day, the exact origins of the Martini glass are hazy, however our story and connection to the Martini is to the late wife of the original owner of Inchcolm, Marie Jean Thompson, a well-known Brisbane socialite of the 1910’s & 20’s. The Martini was not only Marie Jean’s preferred tipple, but it was also a coveted drink of her affluent and most extravagant parties. 


Our signature Martini hour is a unique experience of The Inchcolm Bar in tribute to Marie Jean Thomson. Shelter in our comfortable velvety surrounds for Martini Hour from 5pm-6pm daily. With five martinis to choose from, this is your time to relax and unwind without standing out. 

Think Gertrude Stein’s Paris salon, where Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Picasso, Banksy, Lennon and Bowie would comfortably rub shoulders while sharing trailblazing ideas and indulging and sipping on Martinis.


Libations continue with wine and a selection of spirits including gin, vodka, mezcal, whisky and, rum, or beer and cider for something less sinful. A speakeasy-esque backdrop to whet your whistle in plush boutique lounge surrounds, where you can pass your evening by with late night decadence over intimate conversations.

The History

Constructed in 1880 by Dr John Thomson, a pioneering surgeon, The Inchcolm was then redeveloped 20 years later into a medical practice where Dr Thompson treated the likes of patients such as General Douglas MacArthur, the American General who came to Brisbane to take command of the Pacific War against the Japanese.

Dr Thompson and his socialite wife Marie Jean would welcome their patients into their practice and home in truly 20’s fashion, with generous helpings of swing jazz and sweet vermouth. The history is deeply ingrained within its walls today, our team are more than happy to share famous tales of the mystifying lodge. 


With ample and diverse spaces, The Inchcolm is the perfect venue to take advantage of a cosy spot to unwind, relax, and enjoy a bone-dry martini in solitude, or to host a soiree big or small. 

The Parlour is our captivating private dining space, originally used extensively in the days of Dr. John Thomson. We invite you to impress your guests in this space whether it be an exclusive dinner to an intimate wedding. 



Sip and Munch away from the comfort of your bed! Enjoy In-Room Dining around the clock when you stay with us ;)


Monday to Friday – 7am to 10am
Saturday, Sunday & Public holidays – 7am to 11am

Bar Service & Dining:
Monday to Thursday – 3pm to 9pm
Friday & Saturday – 12pm to 9pm
Sunday – 5pm to 9pm (bar snacks only)

Three Martini Lunch and Dinner
Friday & Saturday – 12pm to 3pm
Monday to Saturday – 5pm to 9pm

Martini Hour
Monday to Saturday – 5pm to 6pm