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about veda

Veda is a celebration of the Earth and all that comes with it. Crafted by our chefs, the vibrant vegetable champions our menu with dishes that are minimally processed, rich in flavour, yet simplistic by nature.

From the familiar to the original, our plant-forward menu evolves seasonally and encourages exploration into the complex yet natural world of vegetables.

Veda is committed to giving back to the Earth by minimising waste in our kitchen, using sustainable materials and practices wherever possible.

Celebrate the vegetable

Tasting complex, yet natural flavours should be more of a celebration than a sacrifice. Veda’s dishes are not centred around the “without”; rather they are focused on the “with” - food with flavour, with texture, with creativity, with thought. Check out our breakfast, brunch and lunch menus, all available in the heart of Central Hong Kong

5-A-DAY, the Veda way

From Veda's Champagne Brunch to the wine list, the team at Veda are keeping the focus on organic and sustainable wines from exceptional regions, innovative producers and thought-provoking winemakers. No matter your taste or budget, we aim to passionately serve you wines you will love.

Veda, which comes from the Sanskrit word "vid" meaning "to know", represents knowledge and wisdom. Using this as inspiration, we curated a cocktail menu that aims to inspire and stimulate the mind and the senses.

Cocktail Menu
Wine List

Step into a little slice of vegetarian heaven

Step directly from the Centrium Steps into a little slice of vegetarian heaven. Re-designed by EM Bespoke, a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Hong Kong, this dual-level vegetarian restaurant in Hong Kong was refreshed to ensure the two floors are cohesive with its interiors and F&B offerings in mind.

The marrying of rich teals, subtle geometric patterns, combined with textured wall coverings and a touch of luxe with brass lighting fixtures, gives the interior a fresh, bright yet cosy ambiance - perfect for a catch up with friends or casual night out, seamlessly transitioning the from day to night.

Raul Tronco Calahorra image

Raul Tronco Calahorra

Chef Raul's passion for vegetarian and plant based cooking began at home in Madrid, where he helped his father prepare family meals inspired by the rich flavours of northern Spain. He entered culinary school in 2003 and kickstarted his career in his hometown of Madrid, gaining experience at esteemed Michelin-starred establishments.

After relocating to Jamaica, he fell in love with Rastafarian culture which foregoes meat, preservatives and additives as part the pursuit of a spiritual connection with the earth. After transitioning to a fully vegetarian diet, he found himself revitalised and has not looked back since.

In 2020, Chef Raul joined Ovolo, inspired by Founder & CEO Girish Jhunjhnuwala’s passion for vibrant vegetarian cuisine. He promises a menu that goes beyond the underwhelming salads and wraps which vegetarians and vegans are usually offered. The big flavours of his childhood will be partnered with his respect for natural produce, resulting in a tantalising menu that will attract plant and meat eaters alike.

What's on


The exclusive new menu features 7 irresistible cocktails priced at HK$108 with a diverse inspiration behind each one. Carefully crafted, the new cocktail menu is crafted with everyone’s tastes in mind – from robust “A Moon and A Sun” to refreshing “The Girl Who Married a Tiger”.

SANDEEP KUMAR, Co-Founder of Asia's 34th Best Bar, The Wise King collabs with VEDA!

Sandeep took inspiration from the beautiful Indian flag and values associated with each colour to create 3 signature cocktails for VEDA – Courage, Peace, and Growth.


Come by VEDA to enjoy Sandeep’s creative cocktails!


Inspired by the vibrant flavours of Indian street food, VEDA invites you to a free-flow brunch over delicious chaat, chai and champagne!


$398 per person, with $368 add-on champagne!