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Q&A with Chef Alfonso

1. What’s summer like in Mexico?

Warm, party, beach, bikinis


2. What’s your favourite summer memory?

Spending day on the beach, cooking bbq and drinking beer


3. What’s the craziest party you’ve ever been to (if you remember *wink*)?

Boca de iguanas beach, private party on the beach, crazy…


4. What’s your go-to summer drink?

Definitely beer, or any cocktail with citrus flavour, like a margarita.


5. What do you love to cook/eat in summer?

Ceviche or bbq


6. Can you please share with us a recipe that’s perfect for summer parties?


Scallop ceviche (good to share)



10 Scallops

½ Red onion

1 Jalapeno chilli

1 Tomato

1 (small) Cucumber

50mg Coriander

1 cup Lime juice (around 10 limes)

Salt (to taste)


Cut scallop into small pieces and cure with salt and lime juice in a bowl. Mix together with some chopped tomato, onion, jalapeno, and coriander. Let it rest for 2 min.


Serve in a bowl with cucumber, coriander and tostadas!


7. Lastly, give us one hot tip. (a cooking hack or anything like that)


If you feel hot… take your bra out!,