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Our Philosophy

When people do good, they feel good. So, we aim to be a force for good. On every level – from our individuals to our communities, and our planet –it’s clear for all to see. We care.

Our Focuses

Our Communities

  • Happy, safe, and inspired workplaces
  • Diversity, inclusion, and belonging
  • Giving today’s kids a better chance tomorrow
  • Engaging our guests in our sustainability journey

Treading Lightly

  • Reducing energy, water, and carbon emissions in our spaces
  • Lessen waste and divert from landfill
  • Green building certification for all new Ovolo-owned developments

Sustainable Sourcing

  • Sourcing sustainable goods and services
  • Menus that truly reflect our sustainability commitment

Good Governance

  • Sustainable and ethical business practice
  • Transparent reporting and benchmarking

The Sustainable
Development Goals (SDG)

The Sustainability Development Goals (SDG), developed by the United Nations, is the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Ovolo is fully committed to the SDG and these goals have become the guiding force in the development and implementation of our sustainability focus areas and objectives.

The Sustainable
Development Goals (SDG)

Tree Planting

Planting trees is also one of the greatest things for the environment, since 1st November 2022 Ovolo has been partnering with Eden Reforestation Projects, an NGO that works with local communities to restore their environment and economy by planting sustainable trees that provide food, income, and shelter, while mitigating the impacts of climate change and carbon emissions. Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world with many communities depending on the natural environment for food, shelter, and income. Today, less than 30% of its original forests remain due to over-harvesting, forest fires, and agriculture. The effects of this degradation are devastating for the local communities and wildlife.

Bali Children’s Foundation

At Ovolo we support children, schools, and charities — believing that every child deserves equal opportunities and the best start in life. Coming together with ‘not-for-profit’ agencies to create life-changing opportunities and giving today’s kids, a better chance tomorrow. We’ve partnered with Bali Children’s Foundation who help thousands of children complete school, find employment, and improve their lives and the life of their community. Through our teams’ efforts, we’ve sponsored a school in Bali with classroom upgrades, class delivery for a year and a stationary kit for each student in the elementary school of SDN 3 Sidetapa in North Bali.

Our Partners

Sustainability Report 2021

Demonstrating care and respect for our people, our communities, and our planet has always been part of Ovolo’s DNA. In fact, these values have always been embedded in our organization since its inception in 2010. However, in 2021 we decided to formalize our commitment by developing a strategic roadmap that sets new standards across each of our environmental, social, and governance goals. It is only the beginning, and we acknowledge that there is more work to do. This is our first-ever 2021 Sustainability report – we are sharing our focus areas, our approach, and our performance.

Sustainability Report 2021