Boutique Hotel

Ovolo South Yarra


1 night

Backroom, a hidden gem tucked away on the famed Toorak Road in South Yarra, discoverable only by a singular, signature, neon martini glass. Blending rock soul with contemporary art deco design, it’s a place for a post dinner tipple, a late-night snack, or cocktail. A hidden nook, to see the day away, it’s a place to find your soul.

Collaborating with the finest artisans purveying the best liquid prescriptions from Australia and around the world, Backroom is renowned for its concept bar takeovers of a different kind. Be it a specific drink, region, brand or event, there’s always something different happening to heighten your senses.

Find Backroom. Find your soul.

The All-Australian Backroom Takeover
Brought to you by Feels Botanical, Regal Rogue & CAPI

For the month of July, Backroom will be taken over for a sensorial journey through flavour, colour, texture and sound with the All-Australian Takeover, brought to you by Feels Botanical, Regal Rogue and CAPI.

Explore the curated drinks menu that will accentuate your feels and highlights the versatility of Australian produce. Backroom’s team have created a range of Feels Botanical, Regal Rogue and CAPI integrated cocktails that will take you to a place, that place, the place you wanted.

Whether its lingering over long drinks, tantalising time with tall drinks or indulging in curious conversations while sipping a classic – the menu is sure to expand your repertoire and ignite a creative conscious.

Find Backroom, find your soul.

234 Toorak Road, South Yarra
Open Friday and Saturday 4.30 pm til late. Walk-ins only.