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At Ovolo, we believe in eating good – to feel good.

2023 marks our third year since we introduced Plant’d and became the world’s first hotel collection with entirely plant-based menus. Our Ovolo Hotels’ menus burst with rich aromas, vibrant colours, and irresistible flavours, all part of of our ‘Veg Pledge’.

Whether you’re a veggie enthusiast or considering a meatless meal or two this month, our menus will ignite your culinary curiosity. Keep an eye out for our Plant’d ‘Veg Pledge’ badge and let’s savour the goodness together. We’re passionate about vegetarian and plant-based cuisine that’s not only good for you but also good for our planet.


This October we’re celebrating World Vegetarian Month with our Plant’d Dinner Series. Special dining events for one night only in each of our Ovolo Hotels’ restaurants, VEDA in Hong Kong, ZA ZA TA in Brisbane, Alibi in Sydney, Monster in Canberra, and Lona Misa in Melbourne.

And for the duration of October, we are also offering a new menu. A mouth-watering selection of Ovolo’s greatest (vegetarian) hits across all our plant-based restaurants.

Whether you’re a committed vegetarian, a flexitarian, or a vegan, we invite you to be a part of our mission to make the world a better place… And charge up your taste buds with our tantalising greatest hits menu.



Crusted parsnip, otoñal mole, mojo rojo,
kolhrabi, smoked tarragon vinaigrette


Beetroot kibbeh nayyeh, smoked
yoghurt, farm pickles, wattle seed lavosh

Watermelon sashimi with Japanese
seaweed, soy, sesame, pickled ginger


BBQ cauliflower shawarma, labneh
mornay, kohlrabi, curry leaf

Smoked paprika escabeche, marinated paneer
with grilled maitake florets on makhani curry


Pistachio baklava ice cream sandwich, sumac jam

Choose your own ad-veg-ture,
book your next dining experience now…

Seeking a little more bite, to your event? Make it Event. Full.

Whether looking to host a kick-ass conference, or energetic event at Ovolo… worry-not, we’ve got you covered!

Just say the word, and we can let you in on our large selection of menus. Veg, vegan or not, we offer all cuisine options from our events kitchens – cooked and prepared separately – it’ll be sure to add a little more bite to your night.

Plant’d Playbook – All Veg. No Bull.

Find out how and why Ovolo Hotels’ restaurants and bars are fully committing to serving up bold, locally sourced and utterly irresistible vegetarian and plant-based menus.

We all know how going vegetarian is good for you, but we dug a little deeper into why the shift to ethical eating is also good for the planet and you.

Have a read for yourself, find out some strategies, tips and tricks on how your businesses can go vegetarian or offer vegetarian options, and join the veg-olution!

Come veg out with us!

Whether you are looking to gift a delicious meal, spoil someone on a special occasion, or nail that pressie. Ovolo e-gift cards are the perfect way to surprise the people in your life. Redeemable at any of our restaurants or bars across Australia, Hong Kong, or Bali. Gift a sensory adventure into ethical eating.

Plant-forward Delights at New Heights with Cathay Pacific

Ovolo Hotels and Cathay Pacific join forces to bring you cutting-edge veg in the sky! 

Cathay Pacific is bringing a new range of plant-forward dishes developed in collaboration with VEDA, our plant-forward restaurant in Hong Kong, under the lead of our Executive Chef – Raul Tronco Calahorra. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our ongoing Plant’d pledge to ethical eating and conscious cuisine.

Enjoy delicious food with a playful twist that’s exploding with rich aromas, vibrant colours and floods of flavour. All year round. All the time. Now at New Heights.