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Winter Drinks in Town!

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Let’s be honest…. the holidays and winter in general is the perfect time of the year to lose ourselves a little and embrace alcohol (fully). But are you bored with having your same-old usual order and wanna try something new? To keep you warm this season, I braved my liver on a quest to find the best winter cocktails this season in Hong Kong. And here’s what our city has to offer!

Mahalo Tiki Lounge

Fancy a twist in a holiday drink with a Hawaiian touch? At Mahalo Tiki Lounge, you’d be surprised with what they have to offer!

Stepping into the dimly-lit and spacious room, the tropic décor created an escape from the busy street of Queens Road East in Wan Chai. Making it the perfect environment to socialize with your friends.

Snow Day – A rich and delicious coconut rum cocktail that’s incorporated all the ingredients that would remind you of the holidays. But with a sensory experience where the burned star anise’s scent flows into your nose each time you take a sip. Hats off to the bartender!

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Snow Day

Availability: Until New Year
Price range: $80 – $130
Where: 29/F at QRE Plaza, 202 Queens Road East, Wan Chai

Mrs Pound

An adventure into a place where really east meets west with its American retro diner style, mixed with Hong Kong’s past identity as a signet maker. To make things interesting, I won’t tell you how to enter the bar. All I can say is that you’d feel like James Bond when you figure it out yourself.

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This bar is probably one of the most unique places I’ve visited, and some of their seasonal drinks really wowed with their simplistic designs but magical flavours.

BBB – Infused bourbon with brown butter and homemade syrup (diet starts in 2016!), mixed with pear nectar and Luxado Amaro Abano. You should also try the Coco Lotion and the Green Meadow if you are feeling something fruity.

Availability: All through winter
Price range: $118 – $128
Where: G/F Ming Fat House, 6 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan

The Woods

The Woods could not be a better name for this cosy and intimate secret spot in the heart of LKF. With its contemporary Asian ambience, the décor brings out a natural element and with the dimly lighted setting. You cannot be more at ease or comfortable while enjoying a classy environment. The team of talented bartenders has got something special ready for you; you’ll easily recognise it upon creation.

Classic Oak Whiskey Sour – This smoky oak infused whiskey was a masterpiece, the double shots of whiskey is masked with the blend of maple syrup, lemon juice and the oak tips. The blend was perfect, and the oaky whiskey taste didn’t not overpower the sweetness of the syrup. You gotta drink it quick by the way, don’t let the oak sink!

Classic Oak Whiskey Sour

Classic Oak Whiskey Sour

Availability: End of December
Price range: $100 – $160
Where: 1/G, 17 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

208 Duecento Otto

Located in a hip, up and coming corner of Hollywood road. This finely decorated venue with its New York City vibe was impressive, all the way from the entrance to the interior of the restaurant.

Their mulled wine stood out with its choices of ingredients and a well-balanced flavour. To keep it Italian, the wine they used is actually imported from Rome.

It was so nice to drink that I almost found it hard to keep up with the manager as he was educating me about their choice of ingredients and the countries they are imported from. I felt rude to drink too fast, but it was irresistible and I could easily have a whole jug on my own!

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Availability: Until end of December, maybe Jan depends on the temperature.
How Much? $100 per glass
Where: 208, Hollywood Road, Hong Kong


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