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Sydney’s Gone Organic!


Jay Martin – The Veggo Adventurer

If you’re looking for some ultra healthy food options in Sydney you don’t have to look far. The city is full of organic eateries and cafes that serve the best locally grown produce whenever possible.

Personally I’m very much against GMOs in my food and try to eat fresh, raw, and organic whenever possible. It’s always nice to finish a meal knowing I’ve done my body some good rather than doing it some damage. I’m sure many of you feel the same.

So say goodbye to those processed goods and deep fried delicacies – at least for a short while – and check out some of Sydney’s best organic eateries!

Agape Organic Restaurant and Bar

Located in Botany, Agape Organic claims to be Australia’s largest organic restaurant. Make sure you try some of their delicious handmade spelt pizzas, or for something really different get into their Mexican style organic streetfood options.

Everything about this restaurant is great; the food, service and atmosphere are all sensational. Don’t forget to try their organic deserts!

O Café

If you’re looking for something a little less formal and a tad more hipster, the O Café on Crown Street in Surry Hills is definitely worth checking out. Superfood smoothies, delicious fair trade coffee and epic salad bowls are the standard at O Café, and there’s always something new and delicious on their lunch menu for you to try.

Sadhana Kitchen

For those of you looking for some serious detoxing you can’t beat Sadhana Kitchen. Made from 100% plant based wholefoods, everything on offer here is free from anything processed and full of nutrition just the way nature intended.

While the thought of raw food may not have you drooling, just wait until you try some of the intricate and wonderful offerings they have here. If you’re already converted to eating the occasional raw meal and you know how delicious it is, come along to the Enmore café to try their 7 course raw degustation. You won’t be disappointed.

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