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Vegetarian Week is approaching so here are our favourite dishes!

vegetarian week

The 16th of May is just around the corner and as the first day to kick off Vegetarian Week, we are showcasing our favourite vegetarian dishes – past and present. On October 1st, 2020, Ovolo took the Veg Pledge to go vegetarian globally for 365 days. We called it ‘The Year of the Veg’.  

On the 14th of February, we announced we were joining the vegetarian movement permanently. 

Mushroom Pinchos Morunos 

Lona Misa, found in the heart of South Yarra Melbourne, serves up irresistible vegetarian and vegan Latin inspired dishes – loved by all. For those looking for a pincho of vegetarian, our recommendation would be the Moorish Spiced Oyster Mushrooms grilled over charcoal.  

Hokkaido Pumpkin “brulee” 

Monster Bar and Kitchen guides you through her multiple personalities as she shifts from lucidity to debauchery. Explore her debauchery side and one of our past time favourites with the Hokkaido Pumpkin “brulee” completed with Parsnip Skin, Spiced Crumb and Cheddar Custard.  

Smoky Eggplant 

Hidden in the heart of Ovolo Woolloomooloo on the iconic Finger Wharf, you’ll find Alibi. The perfect place to escape to when you need an alibi. Just launched on the year’s Autumn Menu is our new Alibi favourite, Smoky Eggplant. Complimented by Romesco Sauce, Tahini Yoghurt, and Herb Oil. 

Beetroot Top to Tail 

Encounter the exotic at ZA ZA TA in Brisbane. Showcasing the best of both worlds with vegetarian Tel Aviv inspired dishes. Our favourite? Hands down, the Beetroot Top to Tail with Smoked Yoghurt and Strawberry.  It’s worth travelling for.  

Fable Dumplings 

A close second favourite of Alibi‘s offerings is the Fable Dumplings. These are a permanent dish here to stay – they’re that good! Let your tastebuds enjoy the perfect combination of Spinach, Goji Berries, Sichuan Chilli Oil and Fable’s signature Shiitake Mushroom all wrapped into a dumpling. Simply irresistible. 

Soft Poached Pear 

We couldn’t list our favourite vegetarian dishes and not include dessert! ZA ZA TA serves up the most gorgeous and tasteful Soft Poached Pear paid with Hung Yoghurt, Crunchy Passionfruit Granola topped with Dried berries. Don’t walk, run. 

Book in today and try these dishes for yourself! Simply click the ‘Eat’ tab found on this page –