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Things to do during Seven Weeks

As the world changes, we evolve, which is why we took the confident leap in 2020 transforming our restaurants and bars into forward-thinking vegetarian venues. Earning the title of PETA’s 2020 ‘Company of the Year’. Taking a no bull, just veg approach to conscious cuisine and ethical eating, we’ve made some cutting-edge commitments continue our Year of the Veg celebrations. 

We know you’re feeling the Sevens blues – so are we. That’s why we have rounded up a list of activities in the coming month to help you curb those blues. We’ve included everything from boozy to family-friendly.

Bars Galore 

Events may be put on hold, but drinks aren’t. Here’s a list of bars you can hit (before 10pm) that will make you forget that that’s all we can do.  

Find out more here.

Sunset Rollercoaster 

Sunset Rollercoaster’s coming to Hong Kong! This Taiwanese rock band returns to the city after unfortunate cancellations, and will be putting on a show in MacPherson Stadium. Keep an eye out, tickets might sell out quick! 

Find out more here.

Discovery Bay Sunday Market 

Looking for something a little more calm and family friendly? Discovery Bay is back with their Sunday Market and selling all sorts of goodies – all locally made and approved. 

Find out more here.

Hong Kong International Film Festival 

We are back this year with an impressive lineup of new and noteworthy films, showing more than 200 titles from 60 countries, many of which have won acclaim both in their homeland and abroad. Ticket prices vary, and are shown across a number of venues in the city.  

Find out more here.

And of course, free-flow brunches are still available all over the city. It may not be as big as the Sevens, but you may leave just as boozed up that you might not even notice.