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Party Rocking’ with flavor: Red Foo dines at Lona Misa

Party Rocking’ with flavor: Red Foo dines at Lona Misa image

Lona Misa had a special guest dining last week and the party was rocking! 

Not just a master of beat, Foo is also a dedicated vegan of eight years so when he found out about our vegan restaurant, he just had to swing by and see what all the buzz was about.

From the moment he stepped in, Red Foo was vibing with our menu. And if you want to follow in Foo’s dining experience at Lona Misa, here is what we served up:

  • Guacamole in a stone bowl
  • Queso con chorizo
  • Tacu Tacu
  • Tijuana Caesar Salad
  • Peri Peri Pollo

Awarded One Hat by the prestigious Good Food Guide 2023, Lona Misa’s rebellious approach to vegan and vegetarian food is nothing less than a critically acclaimed masterpiece and Red Foo made it known to us that he agreed!

Stopping by the kitchen to personally thank the chefs himself, Foo made sure to tell us that Lona Misa was the best vegan food he’s ever had!

As he left, Red Foo left us buzzing with his enthusiasm and a reminder of the power of great food to unite.

Swing by our spot to experience the same vegan magic that party-rocked Red Foo’s taste buds.