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National Tequila Day

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Whether you prefer yours neat, as a shot with lime or enjoyed in a Margarita, Tequila is an adored drink to be celebrated. With a history as rich as the flavours it encompasses, we’ve compiled an all-informative wrap up of everything you need to know from this year’s National Tequila Day.  

Tequila – a spirit rarely matched in its flavour and aroma, cherished by masters of the craft and adored by many. Exclusive at its core, the distilled spirit is made from the fructose-rich pina – or heart – of the agave succulent and produced solely in only five areas of Mexico. Served in a wide variety of forms, from traditional sophisticated pours to modern funky concoctions, it is to no surprise that it’s rejoiced around the world.    

With National Tequila Day just passed, we’ve compiled an all-informative wrap up of everything you need to know to truly appreciate this pre-Hispanic wonder. 

Having stood the testament of time, Tequila has a long and rich history. With its origins dating back to 1000 B.C. to 200 A.D, the Aztecs created a fermented cloudy, slightly sour tasting alcoholic drink made from the sap of the agave plant, known as pulque. So popular it was used in religious ceremonies and sacred rites, this was the foundation of which tequila was built upon. 

Fast forward to the 1400s and 1500s, the Spanish began to distill agave, creating what we know today as mezcal. Shortly after, in the mid-1500s, the Spanish government opened a trade route between Manila and Mexico, with the first large-scale tequila distillery being opened in the early 1600s. From this, its popularity took on a life of its own and it grew to be the infamous drink we cherish today. 

As always, the best things in life don’t come easy. Made from ripe blue agave plants, which take a minimum of six years to mature, this intricate spirit requires a vast amount of time and labour to come to fruition. At maturity, the blue agave plant produces one single flower, before being harvested. The heart of the plant is then pressed to release the sugary juice, known as aguamiel or ‘honey water’, before being put into fermentation where yeast is added and the liquid is left. In the final stages, it is then distilled and left to age before it can be enjoyed around the world.  

A beverage so complex yet loved deserves to be celebrated. For those in Australia, no matter whether you’re in lockdown or out and about, be sure to raise your glass in honour of this pre-Hispanic wonder. In the spirit of supporting local, Tromba Tequila is about as close to Australian-made as it gets. Australian-owned, Mexican-made, delight in the smooth yet complex flavours as Tromba brings an authentic experience to our shores. Take advantage of liquor stores online delivery to enjoy yours today.   

For those in Hong Kong, this year Te Quiero Mucho eatery, celebrated the day in a whole new way. From an artisanal tequila bar stand, Mezcal Monday’s, black rain signal promotions, right through to our inaugural Mums, Margs & Mini MasterChefs event, we spared no expense in celebration our favourite tipple.  

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