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Mardi Gras goers rev your engines within Woolloomooloo’s wharf walls at Gaylibi

The iconic Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras may be moving indoors this year on account of COVID restrictions, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be sashay-ing away. Mardi Gras goers start your engines for a course of queer celebrations hosted within the walls of yours truly from public events to private in-room experiences. 


Within Australia’s Gay and Lesbian capital of Sydney lies an icy plant-based party jewel bursting at the bodice to welcome you this Mardi Gras season. Each year, Sydney sees hundreds of thousands of Mardi Gras goers spill out onto the street in celebration of pride, protest, passion and diversity. However, this year the camp will camp out to take their seats for a spectacular Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade like you’ve never seen it before. On the green of Sydney Cricket Ground, over 5,000 paraders will be batting for all LGBTQI+ teams on Saturday 6 March at this ticketed event (details here).  

For one spicy night only, pull up to this pre-Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade party on Friday 5 Feb from 3pm to be greeted by a pair of Queens, to the sounds of the greatest queens of all with a live DJ pumping the sounds of Mariah, Madonna, Liz, Tina and more. Here, grab your Queentini Mocktail of choice and follow the bubble machine toward Alibi’s Rainbow Runway and up into bosom of Alibi’s Glitter Bar. Turn that mocktail into a cocktail with your ‘Just The Nip’ dollar claimed upon entrance from your Queens, to be spiked with Roku Gin or Haku Vodka.  

The team of Queens hosting Gaylibi and their Queentail counterparts are: 


What makes a good time, great? The right Vybe… and this one is EXCEPTIONAL! Named after Sydney’s iconic Queen of the party, Vybe, this little tipple is fully loaded with enough sass to blow your wig off and leave you wanting more.  

Candy in colour and zesty in flavour this quaffable concoction of guava, lime and house made lemon is here for a good time, not a long time. Enjoy this Queentail crowned with your choice of Roku Gin or Haku Vodka. 

Jacqui St Hyde  

Alluring, sweet with a little bite, tantalising and stunning to look at… this little number embodies everything about Sydney’s Drag Enchantress, Jacqui St Hyde. With purple, pink and blue hues, lychee, fresh rose syrup and butterfly pea syrup, house made citrus reduction and fresh lemon. Watch her blossom with force with the addition of a nip of Roku Gin. 

Minnie Cooper  

Just like its namesake the legendary Sydney Queen, Minnie Cooper, this showstopper will really make your engine purr. The green queen Minnie Cooper serves up a healthy dose of thirst-quenching freshness. Muddled with mint, house made lemon myrtle syrup, kiwi puree and mint bitters. Spiked with your choice of Roku Gin or Haku Vodka. 

Now, did you come here to slay, or stay?