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Make Quarantine Great Again! 

Ovolo Southside has pretty much gotten quarantine down pat. But nothing can ever be perfect, so we are constantly striving for ways to be better and make quarantine more enjoyable and humane so that time passes faster for our guests. With these trying times, we thought it would be great to partner with other Hong Kong companies to bring a piece of Home Kong to our returning residents in quarantine before they actually step foot back home. Our partners even became a co-host of their respective weekly social sessions, where they got the chance to speak with our guests, get some feedback, share their story, and just have a great laugh. Here’s a rundown of the partnerships we’ve lined up with in March. 

The business of keeping fit with Earned Athletic apparel
Earned Athletic

Earned Athletic – The Aqua Bag 

We had gotten feedback from our guests that although the fitness kits included in each room is great for casual workouts, it wasn’t enough for the gym buffs who needed real weights. That’s why we partnered with Earned Athletic to bring their Aqua Bag to our guests. The Aqua Bag is everything you need for an effective full body workout, in one piece of equipment. The best part about this partnership is the Ovolo exclusive discount code, which is available for all our readers to use. Use OVOLOHOTELS15 on checkout to get a 15% discount on your purchase – they ship worldwide! Check them out at @earnedathleticapparel

Holy Cannoli
Holy Cannoli

Holy Cannoli 

You cannoli believe this partnership will taste amazing! Having only started up in December 2020, Holy Cannoli has already been making waves in the F&B industry by showcasing their unique and exclusive flavours with various partnerships, such as COA, Quinary, La Camionetta, and more. With our partnership, all quarantine guests were given a dark chocolate and salted caramel cannoli to pair with their drink during the social hour on 10 March. Check them out at

May be an image of food and text that says 'DOUGH'
Dough Bros

Dough Bros 

They have searched high and low to find the best ingredients for their dough. Whether that’s a doughnut or their signature handmade sourdough pizza, we assure you that their food is all too tasty. We wanted to bring our bros to our guests, so we did. During the social hour on 17 March, our guests got a random selection of one of Dough Bros’ filled doughnuts. Whether it was strawberry jam, custard, or Nutella, each doughnut was freshly made that day, as they always are. Check them out at @doughbroshk

The best local breweries in Hong Kong

Gweilo Beer 

Gweilo hails from Hong Kong with only but a simple dream: to redefine the essence of craft beer. They are constantly exploring new flavours, concepts, and collaborations to keep things interesting. We brought their signature American IPA to our quarantine guests to keep them refreshed. Check them out at @gweilobeer

Vichy Catalan Is the Salty Mineral Water of My Dreams | Bon Appétit
Vichy Catalan

Vichy Catalan 

Vichy Catalan is a leading sparkling mineral water brand from Europe that comes with a range of health benefits. The water emerges from the spring at 60ºC with its own gas, which gives it its natural sparkle, making it one of the best in the world. When you add the fact that the water can benefit your digestion, cholesterol metabolism, and the nervous system, it’s simply a win-win. Knowing that this can help with hangovers, all guests were given one during social hour as their non-alcoholic hair of the dog alternative. Check them out at @vichycatalan.