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Influencer Looks @ MBFWA 2017

Jack Law profile pic

The Good, The Kooky, The OMFG

Ah Fashion Week, the one time of the year where dressing up is more like performance art than a daily routine. What other time of the year is wearing something more suitable for a Lady Gaga Concert considered appropriate day wear? Looking at you girlfriend with the Rainbow briefs O_o

Planning to mingle with the fashionable people? Every piece of clothing & accessory’s gotta be #OnPoint! But the clothes are just half the battle. Without style, you might as well be fashion roadkill, and who would want to be that?

This year at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2017, Sydney’s influencers showed the world how to dress the part of the week, with a range of get-ups full of colour, character and straight-up attitude. Check out our top favourites below, and follow these trendsetters for inspiration at on Instagram!


The Good

Stylish to a T!



When you’re channelling Lady Gaga and your makeup is flawless…




Taking the terms “Ethnic” and “Tribal” to a whole new level



@rachelle_burkett and @smokingmartha

A double act of Sydney style




Be honest…you know you want that jacket!




Who said gothic looks need a matching goth outfit?




When in doubt…always go in white (or black TBH)



The Kooky

Stylish with a touch a weird



How many people do you know can rock lime-green socks?




She literally went straight from the club, to bed, to Fashion Week




Layers and fur never goes out of style, even if its in a basket!




Ornate jackets can be overkill, but when you’ve got the hair? Killing it!




Bow-down to these goddesses of style



Everything about her is effortless. Of course, it helps she’s a designer!




High & low fashion’s always a win, and she’s got it on locked down!




It takes a certain kind of woman to rock hot pink thigh-highs, cowboy hat and a tube top AND fur! #WeAreNotWorthy.



Ellie Kate

Amadou is an American-raised, Hong Kong-based writer, communicator, and all-around lover of travel & food. He speaks four foreign languages and loves recommending new and exciting things to people whenever they go somewhere new. When not managing  his day job, you’ll probably find him at a happy hour or at the park with his Maltese Terrier, Maxx.