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Celebrating Year of Vege

The world is changing, and so are we. It’s time to celebrate Year of the Veg.

The Best Vegetarian Restaurants & Bars in Australia & Hong Kong! You say you want a revolution? Well, from 1 October, Ovolo Hotels will be bringing you the most irresistible, forward-thinking all-vegetarian menus, that just happen to be good for you (and the planet).

Yeah, that’s right. All menus in Ovolo Hotels are vegetarian. Room service, restaurant, the works. All are meat-free.

No bull, just veg!

Exciting, experimental, and packed with flavour!

Plant-based food has come a long way, baby! So this year we’re celebrating fresh, locally-sourced taste sensations, that just happen to be good for you (and the planet). Come join us, on a sensory adventure into ethical eating, conscious cuisine, and cutting-edge veg. Enjoy traditional dishes that can taste just as good and flavoursome without animal products. Everything can be made vegan at our restaurants and bars. 

Good times. Great intentions. Wonder. Full.


Alibi has always been one of the most highly rated vegetarian restaurants in Sydney. The revolutionary vegetarian food here is designed by Matthew Kenney, world renowned plant ­based chef. 

Mister Percy

At Mister Percy, a thoughtful collection of boutique and local wines pairs well with an impactful wholly vegetarian, produce-led menu, creating the perfect vegetarian experience.


Monster: Featuring sharing plates created from local and seasonal produce, this vegetarian restaurant is an ideal place to start your journey of culinary delights in Canberra.


At Komune, we’ve collaborated with the world’s best for a very unique vegetarian restaurant– creative cocktails, generous vegetarian sharing plates and ultra-cool tunes, all in one spacious place. 


Veda: Here, we celebrate Eastern and Western cultures and ingredients, bringing them together into a vegetarian menu that is meant to be shared. We serve comfort vegetarian food with the philosophy of always using noble meat free products and treating them with passion and care.


ZA ZA TA is another name that you can find on every list of the most recommended vegetarian restaurants. The vegetarian menu features a blend of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine served with plantation rum and artisanal cocktails, inspired by the vibrant Tel Aviv bar scene.


Kazba: This soulful cocktail bar offers exotic twists and forgotten classics by witty monikers, divided by familiar and foreign tastes

Lona Misa

Lona Misa: You probably have already heard about us – One of the best vegetarian restaurants in Melbourne. A lively Latin bar and dining experience boasting a heavily vegan menu with vegetarian options make it hard for you to go past this restaurant.