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An Idiots Guide to Horse Racing

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Jay Van Den Boogaard



Do you wanna become a millionaire? Me too! And I’ve got a plan, a really good one in fact… The Happy Valley horse races are almost back in Hong Kong and it’s the EASIEST way to make millions! Ok maybe not the EASIEST, but despite what everyone says, let me tell you, it’s totally possible from a $10 bet… So clear your social schedule and come down to the Happy Valley Race Course! Starting again on September 7th enjoy an ice cold beer, admire the concrete jungle surrounding the racecourse, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere, all while contemplating on how to spend the millions you’re about to make. There’s no better way to spend a Wednesday evening!

Anyway, onto the important bit: Don’t have a clue about horse racing and betting? No longer do you need to choose horses based on funny names and bright coloured jockeys, nor do you need to be embarrassed when placing a bet because you don’t know what that complex ticket form means.



Let’s get to it:

Win – The simplest bet. The win bet means choosing the horse that crosses the line first. No prizes for second place. And if you’re betting on a horse with weak odds, you’ll be all the more richer if they win! Fun fact: The 2015 winning horse of the Melbourne Cup (Prince of Penzance) had odds of 1:101. That means if you bet HK$1,000, you would have made $101,000!!!

Place – Like hedging your bets for a better chance at winning? Place is selecting a single horse to finish in the top 3, for races containing 7 or more horses, or finish in the top 2 places for races with 4-6 horses.

Quinella – Quinella bets are for beginners. It means picking the horses that finishes 1st and 2nd, in any order.

Quinella Place- Quinella Place (the easier of the Quinella bets) means choosing any 2 horses that finish in the top 3.



Tierce – Tierce is for when you fancy yourself a bit of an expert. Tierce is predicting the first 3 horses to get their noses past the post in the correct order.

Trio – Trio bet is the same as a Tierce bet except the top 3 horses can finish in any order.

First 4 – It’s exactly as its named. Selecting the top 4 horses in any order.

Quartet – Quartet is for the pros. Its the same as First 4 except you must predict the top 4 horses in the correct order. And when it works, it works GOOD: A punter at the 2015 Melbourne Cup made a AU$9 Quartet bet, and raked in AU$125,000!!!!

Double – For those who fancy themselves as somewhat of a Horse Racing expert, the double is correctly predicting the winners from 2 races.

Treble- The treble is exactly like the double except for 3 races

Double Trio – Feeling lucky? Double trio is when you choose the top 3, in any order, in 2 races.

Triple Trio – Triple trio is picking the top 3 horses, in any order, for 3 races. Win this and the drinks are on you.








Six up – Lastly, the big daddy of all bets. To win this bet, you need to choose one horse to finish either first or second from all 6 races, and the champagne will be on you.

Of course when all else fails, you could always ring up these guys for some luck:

Warning! While making millions of horse racing is possible, don’t let it consume your life! So like everything else in life, do it in moderation. Your wallet will thank you ;-)

For more information, the Hong Kong Jockey Club has graphics of actual betting cards, guiding you on where to tick:

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