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7 Ways to get into Hong Kong Sevens

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How to get them, and maintain your dignity…

Hong Kong’s annual “Holiday” of debauchery is upon us! No I’m not talking about Junk Boat season (that’s another kind of debauchery), rather Rugby Sevens! The one 3-day long weekend of the year where rugby fans and groupies come together for the sake of beer, Neil Diamond ballads and of course…rugby!

But getting in on the fun is no easy feat. Sure you could sit at home or a pub and watch the games with just as much brew-ha-ha, but come on, you really think that’s gonna suffice? You’ll want to be right in the action, in the middle of the South Stand, wearing your Sunday best (ugliest?) while rooting on whatever team you actually bothered to pay attention to playing as you swill your $80 pint of Carlsberg. But how on earth are you gonna get tickets? Those babies ain’t cheap (HK$1,800 for a 3 day pass!), and even if you can afford it, finding them is a challenge of its own.

Don’t worry though, with the guide below, by hook or crook, you’ll get close enough to the game to bellow Sweet Caroline like any Sevens veteran :-)

Here’s your options:

1.Visit Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific



Ok, if you already live here, this might sound a bit ridiculous. But the EASIEST way to scoring tickets and technically not getting ripped off is to buy them straight from Cathay Pacific. As title sponsor to the annual games, Cathay provides packages with flights from major Asian, European and North American destinations for the games. Looking to come for the games from Sydney? You’re sorted. Find yourself already in Hong Kong? Go to Bangkok for a day and book a separate ticket back. Yea it’s a bit pricey when all said and done, but definitely your easiest way to score tickets.

2.Join a Rugby Football Club


This one is more suited to Hongkongers not crazy enough to go somewhere just to score tickets with Cathay. Find a local rugby football club (there’s loads in town!) and become a member. You don’t have to actually play rugby (looking at you, Groupies!), become a social member and try your luck at scoring the chance to buy tickets through the club.

Here’s Some Options:


3.Play The Lottery


Not THAT lottery, I’m talking about the age-old Public Lottery from the Hong Kong Rugby Football Union. Every year, legal residents of Hong Kong have the chance to enter their names for the chance to win the right to buy tickets. Sorry these golden passes can’t be won for free here. But you and your mates could each enter, raising your probability for being selected!

Details Here

Don’t believe in good luck? Here’s your next option…


4.Troll the Expat Forums

If you’re an expat in Hong Kong, chances are you’ve come across, possibly even used the sites AsiaXpat and GeoExpat. Needed some second-hand furniture or someone to mount your TV? These sites are a GOD-SEND! So why not try scoring tickets here are as well?

There will always be those that need to bail last minute and need to get rid of their tickets, so scout the forums for these opportunities. Just beware of scams and make sure you meet in person to check the tickets before paying cash.


Asia Expat Classified



GEO Expat


5.Try Your Luck at the Gates

I need a Tickets

Like any professional event, there will be scalpers at Sevens. And like any sporting event, the earlier you come, the higher their crazy rates. So if you’re not too fussed about spending the entire day at the stadium, visit towards the end of the day and haggle a good deal in to the action! Fact: after 5pm, some scalpers have been known to sell tickets for as low as HK$100! This is obviously more for Rugby groupies, but still worthy of saying “You were there”.

6.Buy Tickets Online…For a (Crazy) Price


If luck isn’t your friend, ticketing website Viagogo sells a limited quantity of tickets for the games. But of course, it’s gonna cost you. We’re talking anywhere north of HK$2,400 for just Saturday tickets alone. They’re pricey, but hey, at least you’ll get into the games!



7.Stuff the Tickets, Come For the Fun of It!

If all else fails, don’t fret. Being such a large annual event, major venues run parties and events around the games for everyone to join in the fun even if they can’t land themselves tickets. Speaking of which, here’s a few you can’t miss:


  • HKSEVENS Kick Off Concert

Sevens official kick-off party brings together fans at Sevens’ Village. This year event will be hosted by Mr. Knight Rider, David Hasselhoff himself!

Hk sevens kickoff

When: 6 April 2016; 5:00pm – 11:00pm

Where: Sevens’ Village, 63 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay

Price: $199 per person



  • Ovolo Southside Sevens Kick Off Party

Ovolo Southside Party

Party like a mother rucker at Ovolo’s own kick-off party, just minutes from the stadium!

When: 7 April 2016; 7:00pm – Late

Where: ABOVE bar, 23/F, Ovolo Southside – 64 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen

Price: $280 per person

Inclusive: 3-hour open bar + BBQ snacks

Tickets Contact:; +852 3460 8100


  • HKSevens Central


The Hong Kong Rugby Union is taking the Sevens party to the heart of Hong Kong with a party in Chater Garden. All are welcome to come and join the rugby world’s greatest party

When: 6 April 2016; 10:00am – 4:00pm

Where: Chater Garden, Central

Price: Free!
Details Here



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