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What are Hong Kong’s Entry Requirements? Dec. 2020 COVID Travel Restrictions

Hong Kong Covid Travel restrictions

Visiting Hong Kong from another country? Find everything you need to know about Hong Kong travel restrictions, what you need to do before your travel, and what Hong Kong’s quarantine requirements will be once you land.

On arrival at Hong Kong international airport, all passengers will be required to undergo a COVID 19 test before clearing immigration and baggage, based on government guidelines.

This simple test involves providing a saliva sample and medical professionals will conduct this at the Department of Health Temporary Specimen Collection Centre at Midfield Concourse. 

Passengers will receive assistance after their arrival and will be required to wait for their test results at the waiting centre.

Please note, passengers who have visited any destination outside Mainland China in the past 14 days must provide hotel confirmation in English or Chinese that should be no less than 14 days from arrival in Hong Kong.

Passengers who are concluding a journey in Hong Kong and have visited or travelled through other countries, such as those listed below, should take note.

If you have travelled through these countries in the past 14 days prior to arriving in Hong Kong, you will be required to show test results, documentary proof, and hotel room reservation confirmation.

  • Bangladesh
  • Belgium
  • Ethiopia
  • France
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Russia
  • South Africa
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

The Hong Kong SAR Government has been taking measures to regulate the COVID 19 pandemic and adjusting quarantine measures. As such, the government has had to administer self-discipline and solidarity among Hong Kong residents. If a resident or visitor leaves any dwelling without permission, it would be considered a criminal offence, liable for  imprisonment or fine. The government will ensure that the persons under compulsory quarantine stay at the premises by spot checks, telephone calls and monitoring the status of electronic devices.

The Health and Quarantine Information Declaration

All non Hong Kong residents and inbound travellers must declare their health and quarantine information truthfully. Any travellers can submit the “Health & Quarantine Information Declaration” form online before boarding. After submitting an online form, you must download the result or take a screenshot for display later.

Please note the QR code is valid for 48 hours. If inbound travellers arriving from high-risk places have stayed there 14 days prior to boarding an aircraft to Hong Kong, a different protocol will be advised.

Please note travellers are required to wear a mask on board and must undergo temperature screening upon arriving in Hong Kong, in addition to submitting the health declaration result to the staff of the Department of Health. 

Temporary Specimen Collection Centre (TSCC)

Passengers arriving at Hong Kong through Hong Kong International Airport will be sent to the TSCC to collect saliva samples upon arrival. They will need to stay at the TSCC and wait for test results (same day) before they can proceed through immigration.

Travellers are advised to bring all necessities (including medication) when boarding the plane as they will need to go straight to the TSCC immediately upon arriving in Hong Kong, and can only proceed to immigration and then baggage claim after completing testing.

Holding Centre for Test Results

Passengers begin their immigration right after collecting their saliva sample at the TSCC and will be taken to the Holding Centre for Test Results, where they have to wait for their unique result.

According to quarantine, visitors must not leave hotel rooms nor move around in the hotel during this visiting period. Ovolo Hotels are ready to provide catering services to all inbound travellers. Once test results are confirmed negative, passengers will be released from the holding centre so that they can go to the hotel.

Compulsory Quarantine

Anyone under compulsory quarantine must stay inside their corresponding quarantine hotel at all times. It is mandatory to get body temperature checks twice daily and monitor personal health. During this quarantine period, assistance is provided to those under quarantine.

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