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VEDA is getting a facelift!


Get ready to experience the delicious dosa menu with Veda

Not one for staying static, Our Vegetarian Restaurant Veda is changing things up with exciting new additions to their vegetarian haven. Bringing an Indian cultural classic to the streets of Hong Kong, Veda is introducing a new dosa menu that is dedicated to paying homage to this traditional dish, whilst adding a distinctive twist. Now being served in Central, the light but satisfying dosa is the ideal lunch option for those in the area.

A naturally vegan and gluten free dish consisting of a deliciously crisp crepe-like batter, made from fermented lentils and rice, the dosa is traditionally served with aloo masala – a fragrant mix of spiced potatoes and finely chopped onions. Choose to have it as tradition states or indulge in one of Veda’s signature fillings, all complemented with homemade chutneys and sambhar – a delicate and spicy lentil stew.

Whether made at a temple, on bustling street corners or within loving homes, the dosa, in its many variations, is a divinely tasting dish that is deeply embedded into Indian culture. Originating from South India over 2000 years ago, it is traditionally served as a breakfast dish and has become renowned globally for its vibrant flavours and mesmerising fragrance. With mouthwatering flavours to match up to the rich history it holds, the masala dosa is a dish that simply demands attention.

Enjoy this traditional delight in the midst of a new oasis. Conveniently located within the energetic streets of Central, Veda is a vegetarian restaurant that has always offered a haven to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. But soon, it will be renovated and taken to a next level – think deep greens, climbing vines, homegrown herbs, calming lighting and fresh new contemporary decor. Stay tuned for the perfect paradise to relax, re-energise ,and indulge in a taste of India’s incredible culture.

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