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Not yo’ Average Lunch Box: A Closer Look into VEDA’s All New Set Lunch

The ‘Tiffin’ is so much more than your average lunch box. It tells a story of an era and the evolution of a nationwide movement that is popular in India to this day. With the chef’s creative finesse at VEDA, the Tiffin is transformed into a gratifying array of gourmet bites, while preserving the nostalgic elements of humble and hearty homemade food. Read on to find out more about the history of the Tiffin and VEDA’s two delicious  vegetarian friendly sets – the Eastern Tiffin and the Western Tiffin.


When the British settled in India during the late 18thcentury, a change in their eating practice was necessary. Due to the scorching hot weather and the prolonged days and nights in their new environment, lunch soon became a meal that was light and refreshing – acquiring its new moniker “tiffin.” Since then, “tiffin” has been used as liberal label for a snack or a meal enjoyed anytime between breakfast and dinner.

Since its British origins, the tiffin has evolved into a more systematic nationwide practice. Today ‘tiffin’ refers to a lunchbox movement in India where freshly homecooked dishes are packed into the iconic stainless-steel lunch boxes for workers and students on-the-go. Tiffin culture offers healthy, hearty homemade meals in a compact and convenient way for all – for even those with long commutes to the city.


At VEDA, tiffin is not your average lunch box. A culinary tribute to the rich history and culture of India, VEDA’s two new Tiffins offer a tasteful array of comfort dishes and treats from opposite culinary origins.

The Eastern Tiffin features a selection of VEDA’s signature eastern delights, including the beloved Kathmandu Momos,generously filled with spinach and ricotta with a side of smoked chilli and tomato achaar, and vegan friendly Streetside Pani Puri made with spiced potato chaat, spicy mint, and coriander water. VEDA’s Soba Noodle Salad, tossed in a sesame and shallot dressing, is also included, alongside the signatureCorn Khichdi with Wild Mushroom Curry– a wholesome corn porridge with a tomato-based wild mushroom and green pea curry, and to finish, a delightful slice of VEDA’s popular vegan Fig Cheesecake.

The Western Tiffin contains an appetizing array of side dishes: the homemade Traditional Hummus, Sweet Potato Fries cooked to perfection, and of course, the VEDA-favourite Za’atar Roasted Carrots with Kale, Quinoa and Blood Orange– a gluten-free, vegan and superfood-packed dish tossed in a dynamic and balanced citrus and maple dressing. As the main act, the hearty Homemade Semolina and Potato Gnocchiwith creamy spinach sauce and freshly grated Grana Padano is offered. The new, must-try Negroni White Chocolate Cheesecake – a rich combination of white chocolate and orange mousse coated in a Negroni glaze and topped with delightful meringue – perfectly rounds off the delicious lunch set.

Taste culture and history at VEDA.

Available daily from 12 to 3PM. Tiffin delivery coming soon.

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