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Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road


Marianne Rogerson

We’ve all heard the horror stories of friends coming down with ‘Delhi Belly’ while travelling. Even if you’re heading off to a sanitary city and staying in a luxury hotel, the temptations of the breakfast buffet, snacks in the airport, and of course the hotel bar can all leave you feeling under par. Here we look at a few ways you can stay healthy while on the road.

Pack your Trainers


At least start your trip with the right intention. Pack your trainers and training gear and hit the hotel gym, go for a run around the local neighbourhood, or explore the city on foot – it’s a far better way to get to know the place than through the window of a taxi or bus.

Drink Lots of Water


Buy a bottle of water before you board the plane and carry one with you while sightseeing. We all know the health benefits of drinking water, and these are even more important when you are traveling and likely to be tired, on the move… and probably drinking too much alcohol.

Start the Day Right


It’s all too tempting to hit the hotel buffet and pile up your plate with buttermilk pancakes, sausages, eggs, bacon – the works. How about opting for the fresh fruit platter, granola and yoghurt instead?

Pack Healthy Snacks


When you’re constantly on the move, it can be all too easy to grab a bag of potato chips as you board a train, or succumb to a chocolate muffin in the airport departure lounge. Pack a selection of healthy snacks, such as granola bars, trail mix, dried fruit or nuts so that you’re not tempted by all the junk food on offer.

Carry Hand Sanitiser


So many nasty illnesses are picked up from poor hand hygiene, and if you’re out and about all day sightseeing in crowded areas and taking public transport, you’re going to need to clean your hands throughout the day – and particularly before you eat.

Do Your Research

A bit of research before you go can save you a world of pain – is the water safe to drink in you destination? What about the street food? Salads and raw vegetables? Do you need innoculations? Where is the nearest hospital?


Freelance writer Marianne has been an expat all her life, having lived in such diverse places as Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and Costa Rica. Becoming a mum to two active children hasn’t dampened her wanderlust – but instead of trekking up the Himalayas or white water rafting in Peru, these days she’s more likely to relish the opportunity to kick back on a Hong Kong Junk with a glass of wine in hand. She writes for a range of magazines and websites and edits the family travel blog Mum on the Move.