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5 Tips On Staying Healthy This Season

If you ever needed a push to begin your lifestyle, now’s the time. And by that we don’t just mean face masks and hand sanitiser. We’re here to give you 5 tips on how to stay healthy that will last, all while having fun. 

  • Time to Hit Do Not Disturb. It’s ‘Me’ Time

The best way to stay healthy and prevent infection is actually, ironically, to get out of the house. Not to say that you should all start frequenting the most populated areas of the city, but go out in nature, get some vitamin D, and start up that immune system! By holing up at home, not getting the necessary steps or getting your heart rate up, you’re actually putting yourself at an even greater long term risk. Taking this as the perfect excuse, shut your phone off, grab a cab to the nearest trail, and get your hike on.

  • Greens Are Our Best Friends

A common trend growing up is our mothers forcing us to eat our greens and fruits. Broccoli, brussels sprouts, beans… the list goes on. Well, ironic enough, we’re now relying on these food items to stay healthy. Getting all the nutrients we can is key for our immune systems. The best way to intake Vitamin C is in its natural form. Citrus fruits are always a go to – oranges, kiwis, grapefruits, guavas. If you’re not a fan of the greens, have a green juice with a few of your favourite veggies and get in all the vitamin C. To get enough zinc, poultry, beans, nuts, oysters are all recommended.

  • Good Food, Great Hygiene

If you’re getting frustrated with being cooped up at home, don’t worry. Step outside for a few minutes and take in some fresh air. That said, simply be aware of your surroundings and make sure to grab a hand sanitiser on your way out.

  • Say Sayonara to Fear & Anxiety

When you’re in a state of fear or anxiety, your body is in a stressful state and that can only lead to panic. The best is to acknowledge the anxiety to be able to see the situation clearly. During this time, breathing through your nose instead of mouth is highly recommended. When you breathe through your nose, it is filtered before it enters the lungs. To ease your fear & anxiety, try the boxing method. Inhale through your nose for five seconds, hold your breath for five, exhale through the nose for 5, and then hold your breath once again for 5 – it works!

  • Work Hard, Play Hard

For your overall mental and physical health, always remember to have a work life balance. Once you’re off work, turn off your phone for a while and concentrate on you. Live in the moment. It may be hard to do, but with your phone buzzing with constant notifications, it may feel like your work day hasn’t ended. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a mental day off. Let your body rest and rejuvenate. Two very important things to maintain the work life balance is 1) prioritise your day and 2) learn to say no. When you get in, have your to-do list ready to go, even if that includes your Pilates class at the end of the day. We have unlimited opportunities and will often say yes to things we don’t want to do. Learn to say no because it will only take a toll on you. Most importantly, remember to always have fun no matter what you are doing. At work and after, enjoy your best self.