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Fashion Designers like no other

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Why Melbourne Fashion Designers are the best in the biz

A not-so-secret secret is Melbourne is the hub and Australian capital of culture, arts, and, of course, fashion. It’s not hard to see why Melbourne holds this status. Melbourne has an abundance of fashion designers and independent fashion houses, some of the best fashion and textile courses on offer, seasonal fashion week events, and hosting of international fashion events including NGV’s Chanel exhibition – Gabrielle Chanel Fashion Manifesto, Cartier’s immersive exhibit – Into the Wild, The House Of Dior – Seventy Years Of Haute Couture and Melbourne Fashion Festival’s National Graduate Showcase.

Whether you’re a fan of sustainable fashion, a collector of capsule wardrobe pieces, or an haute couture lover, the diversity of local Melbourne fashion designers means there is something on offer for all fashion lovers alike. With a unique style, a keen eye for detail, and endlessly cool vibes, Melbourne fashion allows people to wear what they love and showcase their true identity rather than solely following trend-based pieces. 

E Nolan

E Nolan provides a resurgence of beautiful old-school tailoring with a modern twist. The made-to-measure garments offer a high-quality personalised finish and are sure to be life-long wardrobe staples. The suits are meticulously tailored for the modern woman; they can pair with anything from a singlet and sneaker to a turtleneck and loafers.

Lois Hazel

Sustainability meets impeccable design and life-long high-quality pieces thanks to Melbourne-based Louis Hazel. Although beautiful pieces in our wardrobes are the end goal, Lois Hazel goes a step further and provides complete transparency in the design and production of each garment. When you wear Lois Hazel, you can be assured you are wearing a sustainably crafted piece from an award-winning Melbourne fashion designer as well as contributing to bettering the world by choosing ethically developed pieces. 

Sister Studios

Linen and vintage lovers alike will be thrilled to shop at local Melbourne fashion design studio, Sister Studios. Designed, developed, and created in Melbourne, these threads are carefully crafted from locally sourced linen and vintage fabrics. The pieces on offer fulfil every fashion lover’s dreams with everything from jumpsuits to bustiers to tartan skirts and personalised caps available.

Tara Whalley

Meticulously hand-painted and beautifully crafted here in Melbourne, fashion designer Tara Whalley provides unique pieces to Melburnians that have now been noticed internationally. With the gorgeous range being showcased in New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, it is little wonder why these pieces are garnering international recognition. If sustainability is at the forefront of your mind, these pieces are carefully curated digitally printed on materials made from natural fibres to reduce environmental impact and minimise waste.


Stunningly crafted modern pieces and complete design and manufacturing transparency. Melbourne-based Arnsdorf ticks all the boxes for fashion lovers alike. There is something special knowing any garment you add to your wardrobe is designed, cut, sewn, and finished in Melbourne and signed off with an Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation. Creating everything from loungewear to shirts to dresses, this brand has it all, and the staple pieces are bound to be key to your wardrobe for a lifetime.


Staying true to sustainability at every step of the design and manufacturing process, Melbourne-based A.bch pairs clean lines and minimalist fashion to sustainable practises seamlessly. Using renewable, organic, and recycled materials to create long-lasting staple pieces, A.bch is perfect for style mavens with a keen finger on the pulse of sustainable fashion.

FME Apparel

With high quality in mind instead of high quantity clothing runs, local Melbourne fashion designer Maddy Maeve created the sophisticated fashion brand FME Apparel. The Melbourne fashion designer produces wardrobe staples, including midi skirts, jumpsuits, cropped pants, and cardigans, all made with ethically sourced sustainable materials.

As Australia’s culture, arts, and fashion capital, it’s easy to see why Melbourne offers an endless array of fashion houses and local designers, with many becoming internationally recognised for their work. Melbourne fashion designers are truly at the forefront of fashion, whether from the cool inner-city art scene to the Parisian high-end of Collins street sitting amongst some of the world’s most recognised and established fashion houses. There is no complacency amongst designers. Local Melbourne fashion designers take it up a notch by implementing sustainable practises and creating life-long staple pieces while aiming to better the world around us through ethical practises and sourcing of materials.

This roundup could go on forever with the amount of brilliant Melbourne fashion designers in our midst. Hopefully, it will continue to grow as local designers create long-lasting capsule pieces, statement pieces, and wardrobe staples with beautifully and ethically sourced fabrics.

Cerise Canon Bio – 

Cerise Canon is a Melbourne-based storyteller and wordsmith. Working as a professional copywriter and marketing guru, Cerise also loves to travel in her spare time, particularly exploring all that Victoria has to offer.