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Inspirational women and Australian fashion: behind the scenes with Lustr and Ovolo

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Ovolo recently collaborated with Australian fashion-tech startup Lustr [], an online platform that matches shoppers to independent Australian fashion labels that suit their style and values.

Lustr’s CEO and Co-Founder Angela Liang reached out to Ovolo to propose a content piece with a mission that both parties loved. It was the perfect combination of bringing attention to individual women’s journeys, conscious consumerism and the best in ethical, sustainable and independent Australian designers, all set amongst the backdrop of Ovolo’s range of dramatic interiors.

When it came to showcasing independent Australian fashion, instead of doing yet another photoshoot with young models, the Lustr team wanted to create individual portraits and conduct interviews with inspirational women who span all age groups and industries, with the added fun of being styled in outfits by the independent Australian labels from the Lustr family.

Angela and her team utilised the stunning space in and around Ovolo to delve into:

– these women’s personal stories and what drives them

– why and how they support other women in the workplace

– why they support female-owned businesses

– what style means to them

– why it’s important for them to support either ethical, sustainable or local Australian fashion

While having an absolute ball and sharing lots of laughs on the shoot day, Lustr aims to tell stories around women with substance, to show that style is for all ages (not just 20 year old fashion bloggers), no matter what industry you work in, and that a focus on style is not a superficial pursuit; that it delves into women’s sense of self expression, self confidence, or whatever it might be for that individual.


Lustr’s inspirational women

Trenna Probert: Fintech entrepreneur building two start-ups designed to help Aussies retire better; Care360 (making the transition into aged care less stressful and more dignified) and BEAT THE FEES (designed to help Aussies retire with more of their hard earned money sitting in superannuation)

Andrea Christie-David: Former Principal Solicitor and COO of Salvos Legal Humanitarian, Andrea is now Founder and Managing Director of Leor In Home Early Learning, a startup in the childcare space that allows educators to find flexible, well remunerated work, whilst offering families flexible options for accessing childcare in the comfort and safety of their own home.

Leola Rose: A brain injury survivor who took 4 years to return to a similar physical and mental capacity as pre-injury, but then accelerated to CMO (her dream role) of a SaaS startup in only 3 years. She did this through a fearless attitude (thanks to facing death) believing in what she was worth and capable of. She shares her story about surviving and thriving after life-changing trauma.

Lottie Dalziel: Founder of Banish, a revolutionary marketplace that not only provides the best eco-friendly products in the industry, but also offers consumers all of the support they need to reach their zero-waste goals.

Amy Farrell: After a 17 year career in the fashion industry, founded The Fashion Futurist, a boutique sales, mentoring and consulting studio with a focus on independent Australian fashion and lifestyle brands.

Cybele Malinowski: As one of the top female photographers in Australia, her work has graced the cover of countless magazines both nationally and internationally, shooting musicians, celebrities and everyday inspirational humans alike. She is also the Founder of Agender, a platform for change to address the gender imbalance in the commercial and advertising photographic industry.

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