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Staycation Melbourne: Best Things to do this Summer

While some will opt to chase the sun north, and others heading east to soak up some Aussie summer rays by the sand and sea breeze, we are staying right here in the heart of Melbourne this summer. With so much you haven’t seen just around the corner, let’s explore. 

Why, you ask? With the stellar line-up of summer activities planned in Australia’s culture capital of Melbourne this summer, our answer is simply ‘What reason is there to leave?’. A Melbourne staycation in our beloved city is definitely worth-trying and, with so much to do, it will be very hard to say no.

The season has barely started, but it’s no secret; you already know what we plan to do in Melbourne this summer. Read on to check out the hot picks topping our list of the best things to do for a Melbourne staycation this summer, and we encourage you to try some of these plans for yourself. With so much on offer, there’s truly something for everyone.

With transport links from Flinders Street station and beyond serving the entire metropolitan rail network, everything is accessible and much closer than you think. 

Escape the heat in Melbourne this summer

With the desire to be anywhere else so long as it’s not a sweltering summer, we’re sure you’re familiar with escaping the summer sun with a day at the cinemas accompanied by some industrial strength air conditioning. Movies, cool air and ice cream, what could be better? 

But we bet you haven’t entered a virtual reality from a swivel chair with 11 other cinema goers donning a VR headset and headphones? If the heat really isn’t your thing, we suggest you head to Collingwood’s Virtual Reality Cinema to transport you to cooler climates in Melbourne this summer.

Best G&T’s in Melbourne this summer

For all you parched patrons out there, what’s more thirst quenching on a hot summer’s day and than an old faithful G&T? Absolutely nothing. It’s also a must-have part to complete your perfect and enjoyable staycation in the city of Melbourne.

Popping up at The Boatbuilders Yard this summer from 15-16 February, Juniperlooza is returning to Melbourne this summer with a line-up of 23 independent Australian and international gin producers showcasing both a classic G&T and signature cocktail.

Juniperlooza 2020

Have your pick of private pools in Melbourne this summer

If there’s one app you need to download in Melbourne this summer, it is Swimply. Ever dreamt about basking in the luxury of your own private pool? How about someone else’s?

Coming to Melbourne this summer, Swimply is a first-ever marketplace for pool sharing or in more relatable terms, its Airbnb for epic pools. Download the app, search the area, select a time, date and share how many plus ones you’ll be bringing to your very own private pool party. They even list rooftop pools, and a variety of other cool designs and variations.


Rainfall in Melbourne this summer

Captivating over half a million patrons worldwide, Random International’s monumental artwork, Rain Room, is extending its St Kilda tenure until 31 January 2020, in response to popular demand.

While you may not be able to feel the rain on your face, the 100-square metre room of continuous rainfall simulation in St Kilda will make you forget you ever felt the scorch of 40 plus degrees in Melbourne this summer.

Rain Room

Be eco-friendly in Melbourne this summer

If your summer sweat stirs your consumer conscience, serving as a reminder that the heat is more than just a seasonal regularity, here’s what you need to know about the new eco-friendly shopping centre hitting Melbourne this summer.

What once was an industrial site is now home to shops and entertainment under one green, urban rooftop farm form which the centre’s eco-conscious restaurant will source it’s produce. Burwood Brickworks has been dubbed the ‘world’s most sustainable shopping centre’, powered naturally with renewable energies, organic waste to be collected and repurposed as compost, and all grey and black water to be captured, treated and recycled on site.

And, of course, if you fancy returning to nature and enjoying some peace and quiet, the Royal Botanic Gardens in Victoria provides a stunning day out for the whole family, and the relaxing environment we all crave.

Burwood Brickworks

The best art exhibition in Melbourne this summer

From now until April 2020, what better way to experience art in Melbourne this summer then from within the hallowed halls of the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) as they come alive with the spirit of New York’s 1980s underground art scene.

Inspired by the gallery’s summer blockbuster exhibition celebrating the works of Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, Friday Night at the NGV will see the space transformed with ‘80s music from disco to post-punk, mixed in with drag performances, NYC street food, classic cocktails from the Bombay Sapphire Gin Mini Bar, and a dance floor in the NGV Garden.

NGV Friday Nights, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat: Crossing Lines