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Fashion Week Wrap!

Ovolo Hotels

Fashion Week Wrap!

We have had way too much fun at MBFWA 2018. Check out everything that went down during the most stylish week of the year which had all the fashion crowd talking…

Behind the Seams!

Yes we’re getting up close and personal. Take a look at Behind the Seams with Siham Elmawey, the ultra chic Head Designer at C/MEO Collective!

Ovolo Hotels sits down with C/MEO Collective to talk all things fashion and design

What does it mean to partner with Ovolo Hotels for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia?

It’s an amazing experience! The hotel aesthetic really suits the C/MEO vibe – we love the architecture, the furniture, and all the different textures throughout the building. The atmosphere really suits the social personality of the C/MEO Girl, too. Every night we’ve gone to the bar downstairs, and it has just been buzzing. Overall it’s been a really good fit for C/MEO.

As a label that prides itself on forward thinking design, what is it that makes the C/MEO-Ovolo collaboration work?

The teams behind the scenes at Ovolo and C/MEO have both made the collaboration a seamless experience. Right from the start, Ovolo were open to all of our suggestions for styling the room, and you can tell they share our passion for pushing the boundaries of style and design. Taking that fun Ovolo personality and merging it with the bones of the C/MEO brand, gives guests an opportunity to experience something special and unique.

How do you see the worlds of fashion and hotels overlapping?

Fashion Week is such an exciting time for not only the fashion industry but also hotels in Sydney. Some of the top names in fashion, some of the biggest buyers and most well-known bloggers are staying here at Ovolo, travelling from interstate and abroad.

If Ovolo was a runway trend, collection or personality, which / who would it be?

Easy! A C/MEO girl, of course. Walking into the foyer downstairs and again into the rooms, straight away there’s the colour palette, the textures, that rustic but sophisticated look, the attitude, that’s the C/MEO girl.

If it were a person, definitely someone like Solange Knowles. There’s that mix of themes, blending multiple looks rather than sticking to one style, and not being afraid to step outside the comfort zone – to really push the boundaries.

What inspired the design choices in the Fashion Suite? Any dominant themes?

As mentioned earlier, the theme really plays on textures. We’ve gone with the marble, the terrazzo, and there’s a lot of plants and greenery – the C/MEO girl loves her arrangements. You’ve got the wooden bar, which is a good reflection of what we’ve done for the show. Then there’s the prints. We love our bold prints at C/MEO, and for the Suite we chose to go with spot prints in cream and black and we’ve thrown them on the pink couch with a yellow cushion. It’s a bit of a weird contrast but it works.

What are you most looking forward to about this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia?

I’m excited to see all the clothes on the runway. This year we’re showing in a different space, in the Mezzanine, which is a completely different look to what we’ve done recently. It’s not a traditional runway as such, and we’ve got an amazing set design happening. The theme for when you step into the room, the wood, the cream walls, the high ceilings, it’s really lofty and fresh. We can’t wait to show in the room this year. It sits so well with the collection, the canary yellows, the bold reds, really complements it.

Can you tell us about your inspiration for the current collection?

The show was inspired by an ‘80s office sort of theme. Again, we played on the idea of textures, wood and different fold lines. That was a massive inspiration behind the show and these trends can also be seen in the collection. The collection has a bit of an edgy, masculine feel but also features feminine elements, such as the soft prints. You’ll see a canary yellow colour palette, with tonal creams and whites. It’s inspired by what you could call a resort theme, thinking about what people wear on holidays; a really fresh look!

If you love fashion then don’t miss your opportunity to stay in the pop up C/MEO Suite at Ovolo Woolloomooloo. Be quick, it’s only open until mid June!

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