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‘Wine & Shine’ Series


  1. What’s the wine of the month at Mister Percy and why did you choose it?

At Mister Percy we are having a bit of a love affair with Southern Italy! A producer that is pushing boundaries yet holistically authentic is Cantina Scala! We hosted a vino cena (wine dinner in Italian) with Francesco Scala (Wine Maker) in May at Mister Percy & it went like any passionate night would. Off the Charts!! My “favourite vino” of the night was 2015 Scala Ciro Rosso from Calabria, using a native grape called Gaglioppo. Buono!


  1. Describe this wine in three words?

Carnal. Rustic. Unadulterated. (I kept to three words this time! Yes!)


  1. You’ve opened the bottle of wine, what would you order?

I am sure if have heard of Luca Guiotto (Mister Percy’s Head Chef) but if you haven’t, he makes some of the best pasta in Australia! His fresh homemade pappardelle with Lamb Ragout is like when angels meet the devil. It’s spiritually moving!!


  1. Give us a fun fact about where the wine originated? Like the winery or vineyard?

It’s certified organic & made only in concrete.


  1. You’re trying to impress your date, what would you say about the wine?

Gaglioppo is the native grape from Calabria, Italy. Try it. Your date won’t know what hit them! 😉