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Stories from a ‘Home away from home’ at Ovolo

Whether it be Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane or Hong Kong, Ovolo is your home away from home. You might think that holiday house rentals, vacation homes or Airbnb’s are the way to go for that ‘home away from home’ vibe, but we beg to differ and here’s why. 

Every minute at Ovolo has been carefully designed to ensure you always experience an effortless and effervescent stay. 

Our  in-room perks available to each guest who books direct through the website. We’re talking mini bar that’s replenished dailybreakfast, social hour, self-service laundry, loot bags full of snacks, and plastic-free ‘to go’ tote bags;, even yoga mats for those in higher category rooms – ‘namastay’ alright.  

Our approach is all about experience;, reflecting Ovolo’s effortless living ethos while delivering on the desires of the modern tech-savvy traveller – yeah we’re talking about you, you lucky thing. Amazon’s Alexa welcomes you into your room which also features an Apple TV, iPad mini with power points, USB ports and light and curtain controls readily available at your bedside. 

If you can pry yourself away from your room, our property’s shared facilities awaits – indoor pool, spa and gym – along with 24/7 concierge service with the option for Tesla transfers. You can even stay with your furry family members with our VIPooch offer. 

Can’t say the other the home away from homes have that right? 

But what makes a house a home? The people. We have some pretty darn good ones at that and here are some heart-warming tales to prove it.  

Returned toiletries with an extra kick.
A couple of months ago, somebody misplaced their toiletry bag. They rang us to tell us they had left it behind at the hotel but we couldn’t locate it. They were adamant they had left it behind. We used one of the Ovolo toiletry bags and filled it with all the items they were missing. Toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, shaving cream, etc… along with a few items such as a bottled Negroni and some bath products that we sent back to them. 

Australia one minute, back to America the next. 

For Halloween last year, we had guests from the states and the father daughter tradition was to go trick or treating. They enquired at the desk if they could do it in the neighbourhood but were told it doesn’t really happen in Oz. We decided to get housekeeping involved and dress the little girl as a mummy using ‘Who Gives A Crap TP. We had 8 staff located in different rooms for the little girl to knock on the door and get her treats. We were able to keep their tradition going. 

A 5th birthday for grandpa and your heart strings. 

In January, we had a gentleman staying at the hotel to have some medical tests done over a couple of days, during which we told us fell. His granddaughter’s 5th birthday, which he told the front desk he was devastated to miss. We rang his family and asked them to come and stay at the hotel on us, but they were unable to do so. We then decided to setup his room the same way their dining room is at home and cooked the exact same meal in our kitchen as they were having that night to celebrate his granddaughter’s birthday. We setup Skype on his TV so he could be part of the celebration that night.  I have to this day, never met a guest as thankful as him. 

So looking for a home away from home? Between Australia and Hong Kong think of us as your holiday accommodation, house rental, Airbnb, vacation, more. Ovolo has you covered.