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V.I.Pooch | Luxury Pet-Friendly Accommodation

Are you looking for pet-friendly holiday accommodation?

Look no further! Experience our one-of-a-kind luxury dog-friendly accommodation at Ovolo! With Ovolo’s V.I.Pooch, enjoy a hassle-free and stress-free holiday accommodation that takes care of both you and your dog.

Unlike regular pet-friendly hotels that allow dogs, we offer you an indulgent experience, complete with amenities (and treats!) to pamper you and your pooch like a true VIP.

Plus our V.I.Pooch holiday accommodation package provides you with the following:

  • A doggy bed where your furry buddy can snuggle and relax like a real boss
  • An eating/drinking mat and food bowl so they can feast in style
  • A doggy bag with specially designed dog toys and treats, and…
  • Dog-friendly staff on hand to provide assistance when you need it

Our pawsome V.I.Pooch packages are perfect for overnight stays, staycations & weekend getaways offering peace of mind to every dog parent. We stand by our promise as being one of the best pet-friendly hotels in the world. What are you waiting for? Enjoy our V.I.Pooch package for an additional charge of $80AUD / $500 HKD per pooch, per night.

Note: For Ovolo South Yarra stays, please refer to our offer titled “V.I.Pooch | Luxury Pet-Friendly Accommodation (Ovolo South Yarra)” as conditions may differ.

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We offer a price match even if you don’t ask! 

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Terms and Conditions


Our hotels are all pet-friendly and offer dog-friendly accommodation. To maintain harmony and balance, we ask our guests who bring their dogs to follow our terms and conditions so that everyone can have an amazing stay: 

  • Package valid for dogs only and is not valid for any other animals.
  • Anytime your pooch is in a public area within the hotel, we ask that they be on a leash.
  • Your pooch cannot be left in room unattended for extended periods of time.
  • Additional charge of $80AUD / $500 HKD per additional pooch per night applies.
  • We allow a maximum of two pooch per room.
  • Please take your pooch for regular bathroom breaks outside the hotel.
  • Guests will be required to show the pooch identification certificate upon check in.
  • Upon check in a terms and conditions document will be required to be signed.
  • Should damage be caused by your pooch to any element of the property, a charge equivalent to the cost of the damage will be applied to your account.
  • Limited duration of stay applicable – subject to hotel discretion.