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New Veg Spots in Hong Kong

Vegetarianism is the future, and we’re here for it. Even Hong Kong – a traditionally carnivorous city, has embraced the trend. Check out the newest veggie spots that have opened up around town! 


Shane Osborne’s newest venture is led by Head Chef Michael Smith, and embraces a new approach to conscious dining – a term that has made waves in the industry as of late. Not only are the dishes veggie-centric, but all their ingredients reflect their vision of consciousness too; locally-grown, and sustainably sourced.  

La Maison du Chocolat 

Not quite a veg spot, but the house of chocolate has just launched their newest vegan collection: made entirely butter-free, cream-free, and animal fat-free. Chocolate AND plant-based? We love to see it. 

Fivelements Sakti Elixir 

A renowned veg spot in the city, they have recently revamped their Spring menu to bring us all even more flavour. Think black garlic kale salad, steamed broccoli on homemade keto seeded bread, and pumpkin risotto. To Suit the vegan audience, they also have a range of dairy-free and egg-free desserts – yum! 

Great Eagle Group 

No, they haven’t gone vegetarian. But they have collaborated with Green Monday to bring traditional Chinese dishes to you, with a plant-based twist. T’ang Court, Yat Tung Heen and Ming Court are all part of this exciting new change!