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Let’s hear it for the ladies!

Lona Misa Kitchen

Book your table now for an unforgettable dining experience on April 17th, 2024

$105 pp with a glass of sparkling on arrivalget your tickets here.

On this special occasion, the female leaders of Ovolo will come together to take charge of the Lona Misa kitchen. Prepare to be inspired by their culinary mastery as they blend innovation and creativity drawn from their experiences across the nation.

Experience their journeys firsthand as we delve into their kitchen adventures and get an exclusive sneak peek into the creative inspirations behind this exclusive menu.

Federica Lunato – Monster Bar & Kitchen

The inspiration for my dishes evokes the warmth of home, with earthy notes and a refreshing twist. I cannot wait to present a piece of home that is influenced by creativity alongside our other female leaders at Ovolo.

Originally a graphic designer craving change, I ventured to Australia, landing in the vibrant Sunshine Coast to explore and embrace new experiences. Serendipity led me to “The Silva Spoon,” a tea house where I assisted the baker in crafting unique desserts. This experience ignited my passion for cooking and baking, I was hooked, prompting enrollment to further study and perfect my craft. This led me to “the Long Apron,” under the guidance of Chef Chris and Sous Chef Josh, I discovered the boundless creativity cooking offers as the mentors I met during this new journey, opened my mind to the endless possibilities that cooking could give me. Their guidance opened my eyes to unexpected flavour combinations, shaping my culinary path. Grateful for their influence, I then joined Chef Paul at Ovolo, where his ingenuity and culinary prowess continue to inspire me. I’m privileged to love what I do and call this my career.

Cristinia Delgado – The Inchcolm Bar

Inspired by my Colombian roots and a passion for culinary exploration, I infuse traditional South American dishes with global influences, creating vibrant and unique flavours. Drawing from both the rich flavour of South American food culture and my personal culinary background, I love experimenting with diverse ingredients sourced locally to craft dishes that reflect the diversity of my heritage.

My journey into the culinary world began 14 years ago upon entering Australia’s hospitality industry. Eight years later, captivated by the prospect of exploring varied culinary traditions, I made the pivotal decision to step into the kitchen. This journey has been nothing but rewarding, through global cuisines, offering invaluable experiences alongside exceptionally talented chefs, each contributing to my growth and shaping me into the chef I am today.

Kya Knights – ZA ZA TA

The inspiration behind my dish is a classic Middle Eastern pastry, homemade stretchy filo-style pastry rolled with locally sourced vegan cheese and silverbeet. Designed to pull apart and share with friends, served with a grated tomato salsa and tahini tarator, it is one of my favourites to make when I am hosting.

I started accidentally in the dish pit and fell in love with the kitchen life. Apprenticed at Brae in Birregurra, where farm-to-table processes became a passion. I’ve worked in various styles of kitchens, from fine dining to wineries, cafes, and establishments big and small.I have always had a passion for vegan and vegetarian food specifically. From the age of 11 I have eaten vegetarian and made the switch to vegan for the last 4 years, inspiration and creativity comes naturally for me as I am used to this style of eating. It brings me joy to share unconventional flavour combinations and make vegan eating an experience in itself.

Pamella Tomio – Lona Misa

Drawing from a love for sweet and savoury exploration, I delight in crafting unexpected flavour combinations that bring smiles with every bite. From tart slices as starters to the indulgence of smoked baked fresh fruits for dessert, my dishes are a culinary journey that is never expected.

Raised in a family deeply rooted in hospitality, I initially pursued design and photography before realising my true passion lay in the kitchen. After studying abroad in Portugal, I returned to Brazil to follow my culinary calling. Co-founding a restaurant with my brother at 21, I immersed myself in the industry for nearly seven years before embarking on a new chapter in Australia in 2019.”

Indulge in a special menu curated by our incredible female chefs as Shannon Martinez guides you through a 5-course menu, raising a toast to celebrate the women who run our hearts, our tables, and our taste buds with their passion and love for flavour.

Book your table now on April 17th, for our exclusive menu for one night only. $105pp with a complimentary glass of Piper-Heidsieck Champagne on arrival.