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Kickstart your vegetarian journey in Hong Kong effortlessly!

Kickstart your vegetarian journey in Hong Kong effortlessly!

2023 is perfect for a fresh start. If you’ve been looking to diversify your diet, and feel better doing so – we’ve been there. At Ovolo, we’re fully committed to serving up bold, locally-sourced and utterly irresistible plant-based menus.
Have a look at our Plant’d Veg Pledge here to discover how we turned everything around and our guests loved all the vegetarian goodness!

Now, lets’ get back to the tips!

  1. Know your Why
    Every reason for pursuing a plant-based diet is valid – from looking to try out new things or pursuing dietary or ethical reasons, and it is important to establish one for yourself. Going veg is a big step, so be mindful of your motivations behind it – so that your journey is inspired and positive!
  2. Don’t complicate it
    The first intention might be to go fully vegetarian in one go, but this is simply not good for your health. Introduce changes slowly, start by having no meat for one day a week, and then see how it is reflected in your well-being. If one day feels challenging, try having one meal that is plant-based a day.
    Small steps have been proven to be the most effective in building long-term habits.
  3. Discover new flavours boldly
    Treating your change of diet as a journey towards discovering new flavour combinations sounds way more fun, doesn’t it? At Ovolo, we’re always ready to surprise you with bold & vibrant dishes. Our newly opened Komune serves high-quality products sourced from across the globe to surprise you with a Mediterranean vegetarian experience like no other.
    We also know how difficult it is to be “the only vegetarian friend”, but at Komune – you have nothing to worry about. With the best gluten-free pizzas in town, familiar starters and mains with vegetarian twists – our menu offers a great experience to bring people together.
    Book your table now, and let the great plant-based story begin!