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How to Ease your Dog’s Separation Anxiety Post-Iso

Working from home has become a seriously dog-friendly pastime. The idea that our canine companion’s have been lapping up a serious dose of extra love these past few months is true. With people spending a whole lot of time staying in rather than going out, dog-owners have been fawning over their beloved fur friends at every opportunity. More attention, more treats and more walks.

Our pooches are obviously loving the extra attention, however those lucky enough for their company are really the ones who are coming out on top in this scenario. Iso has been tough. It has been a total life adjustment. While we once saw our pooches as pets, they have become a strong source of much-needed support and unconditional love throughout these trying times.

A few months in and people are wishing for the day when they can return to the office and the outside world. For things to return to how they were. But what about our beloved dogs who before now were quite happy with their daily at home routines, who we’ve now turned into needy and incredibly clingy lush pups. The term on every dog owners mind? Separation anxiety.

So, before you jump at the opportunity to return to life before iso, remember to look after the furry fella who got you through it.

V.I.Pooch at Ovolo

Signs of separation anxiety in dogs

The signs of separation anxiety in dogs may not be immediately obvious. Especially when we are there and 100% willing to cater to their every need. So, how do you know if you simply have one spoilt fur baby, or a best friend suffering dog separation anxiety? Look out for these signs the next time you’re heading out or a household member isn’t around:

  • Trembling or shaking
  • Barking or howling
  • Excessive whining
  • Licking of lips
  • Increased drooling or salivation
  • Pacing, panting and pawing
  • Decrease in appetite
  • Scratching or chewing on the door

Do these signs of separation anxiety apply to your pooch?

V.I.Pooch at Ovolo

Ways to ease your dog into life post-iso for when you return to work

While we’ve been readily available to cater to our dogs every whim, its no wonder that they are in danger of suffering separation anxiety. Vets across the world are recommending that while we still have the luxury of working from home with our fur friends by our side, that we do the best we can to ease the impact of our dog’s separation anxiety preparing them for when we return to work.


Over the past few months, dogs around the world have become well accustomed to short spurts of dog-friendly exercise. Whether a quick walk down the road, a few games of fetch a day while their owners stretch their legs, and some other forms of exercise usually reserved for human children such as hide and seek. Its time we change this.

In order for your dog to learn to manage their separation anxiety, exercise needs to go back to being more intentional. Try taking your dog for a long walk, allowing them to run around. By the time you get home, they’ll have no interest in pawing for your attention, they’ll just be happy for their own space and even a little nap. If you begin showing signs of separation anxiety during this time, do not worry. It will pass.


Many hours have been spent during iso of dog-owner entertainment from playing with toys to having full blown conversations with your pooch. As much as we love these interactions with our dogs, its time to loosen the leash.

Investing in interactive dog toys, such as automatic ball launchers, treat toys and puzzles and more, is a great way to let them regain their independence.

Establish a routine

Saying no to your dog is not an easy feat, however it is key in any parenting situation, human or pooch. In order to re-create a dog-friendly routine, we need to re-establish their daily routine to reflect how life used to be.

First of all, start walking your dog at hours considered before or after work for your regular work routine while still working from home. During your day, gradually spend less time with them by introducing the entertainment items mentioned above, or by placing them in an area of your home away from where you’re working. To ease your dog’s separation anxiety, start leaving your pet at home for short periods, and gradually increase this time away from your pooch even further. Before you leave though, make sure you’ve set your fur friend us for a dog-friendly day in (e.g. trick and treat toys). 

Decrease the anxiety associated with departure

Dog-owner departures have long been a cause for separation anxiety for our pooches, but this level of anxiety has only increased as we’ve spent more time with them. Prepare your pooch for your post-iso departures and decrease their level of separation anxiety by making your departures dog friendly.

This way of easing your dog’s separation anxiety post-iso when you return to work is an easy method to master. Throughout the day, make it a habit of jingling your keys along with opening and closing the door you leave from regularly to normalise the sound to your pet. Pretty simple right? Quite quickly, these sounds will go from separation anxiety inducing, to meaning absolutely nothing at all to your best fur friend.

Make your time together quality with a V.I.Pooch experience

Spending less time with your pooch, it is important for the both of you that the time spent together is a quality experience. Whether through an adventure, or new games and toys, or even new experiences. Our recommendation? Show your fur baby how much you appreciate them and book a dog friendly V.I.Pooch experience at any Ovolo hotel across Australia and Hong Kong.

By booking a V.I.Pooch direct through, both you and your pooch will be treated to some incredible perks for a top quality dog-friendly stay. While you will be able to enjoy The Perks of booking direct such as free in-room mini-bar and snacks, free continental breakfast, superspeed wifi and more, your V.I.Pooch will get their own set of goodies. These include a doggy bed, eating and drinking mat and food bowl, a doggy bag with specially designed toys and treats and a welcome letter of pawesome dog-friendly activities for your and pooch to enjoy. All provided by Ovolo’s doggo mad staff who are more than happy to look after you and your pooch.

V.I.Pooch at Ovolo

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