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Hong Kong’s Pet-Friendly Restaurants & Cafes

Hong Kong is a playground for locals, expats, travellers and four-legged friends. For pet owners, finding restaurants with welcoming outdoor spaces for their furry friends can be a challenge. But this bustling metropolis is dotted with charming dog-friendly restaurants and pet-friendly cafes that roll out the red carpet for you and your pets. Join us as we explore 8 of the best pet-friendly restaurants and cafes in Hong Kong, including the renowned VEDA, where you can enjoy a meal while spending quality time with your beloved pets.

Elephant Grounds 

Elephant Grounds Cafe, with several cafes around Hong Kong, offers a pet-friendly oasis that combines excellent coffee with a relaxed atmosphere. Their flagship cafe at the Hollywood Centre in Sheung Wan features a pet-friendly area where you can enjoy a cup of expertly crafted coffee with your furry companion lounging by your side. While you indulge in a few pastries or a hearty brunch, your pup can pick from the pet menu featuring blueberry pupcakes, puppucinos and complementary bowls of water.


Located in Central, VEDA is a vegetarian restaurant with a serene and pet-friendly outdoor terrace. This hidden gem provides a relaxing atmosphere with comfortable seating and a lush green setting your pets will love. Your furry companions are welcomed with open arms and can enjoy the fresh air while you savour VEDA’s delectable plant-based menu, featuring a range of tasty South Indian Dosas, roasted Aloo Gobi, grilled Paneer, and more. 


For those seeking a beachside dining experience with their pets, Limewood in Hong Kong’s Repulse Bay is the perfect choice. This vibrant, pet-friendly restaurant offers a laid-back vibe, stunning views, and direct beach access. Limewood specialises in Southeast Asian, Hawaiian and Caribbean-inspired flavours, focusing on barbecued seafood and meats and mouthwatering dishes prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Relax on the terrace with your furry companion and indulge in the flavours of the tropics.

Feather & Bone

At Feather & Bone, pet owners can enjoy a unique experience at locations around Hong Kong. This restaurant/butcher shop offers a variety of fresh cuts and gourmet products alongside a menu featuring breakfast, lunch and dinner staples from smashed avo and eggs benedict to rigatoni bolognese and grass-fed beef burgers and chips. The upstairs garden terrace at their Soho outpost is the perfect dog-friendly spot for those who appreciate fine food and the company of their furry friends.

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Lazy Creatures

Located in Ma Tau Wai, Lazy Creatures offers a chilled atmosphere where pets are treated as part of the family. The pet-friendly cafe serves a variety of comfort foods and innovative drinks, including mini lobster rolls, biscuit scones and gourmet coffee, making it a perfect place for pet owners looking for a unique dining experience. The interior is quirky and inviting, with ample space for pets to lounge while their owners enjoy a leisurely meal.

Lazy Creatures
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South Lane

South Lane in Shek Tong Tsui is known for its artistic vibe and pet-friendly environment. The cafe offers a creative 70% vegetarian menu with dishes that are as visually appealing as they are tasty, from sweet potato coconut pancakes to crispy snapper burgers. The small outdoor patio provides a peaceful retreat in the bustling city, where pets are welcome to mingle and enjoy the dog-friendly atmosphere.

South Lane
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Puppuccino, a cafe tailored for dogs and their owners, stands out with its unique offerings. Located near the Tseung Kwan O waterfront, this pet-friendly cafe features an impressive menu of French baguette sandwiches, jumbo lobster tail pasta, and Shochu BBQ ribs. It also offers a tasty menu for dogs, including treats like homemade sweet potato tartlets, puppy popcorn, and puppuccinos made with lactose-free milk.

pet friendly restaurant hong kong

In Hong Kong, the spirit of inclusivity extends even to our furry friends, turning dining out into a delightful adventure for all. The next time you’re looking to grab a bite, consider these pet-friendly restaurants and cafes where your pet is treated as a guest of honour. View our V.IPooch Hong Kong Accommodation Offer.