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Hiking Fiend, or Just Plain Lazy? Best Hikes for any Endurance Level in HK

Pooja Sadhwani

Hong Kong may be well-known for its luxurious dining options and happening night-scene, however there is so much more to see when visiting. Take a break from our busy fast-paced city and try to immerse yourself in nature and fresh air by hiking, taking breathtaking snapshots of Hong Kong’s skyline and mountains as you stroll along. Don’t like physical exercise? Hong Kong has a variety of different hikes pertaining to all fitness levels, allowing everyone to embrace the city in their own way. Be sure to go with a friend and have a picnic when you reach the top! It is an experience you won’t want to miss out on. Here are the top five hikes in Hong Kong, ranked from easiest to toughest:

Hong Kong Country Club to South Bay

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More of a ‘gentle walk’ than a ‘hardcore hike’, this option is perfect for people who want to experience Hong Kong’s nature without even breaking a sweat. It starts from the Hong Kong Country Club waterfront and takes you on a flat walk towards South Bay, an area filled with Hong Kong’s best sandy beaches. Remember to wear your swimsuit so you can cool off in the ocean once you reach!

The Peak

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With the Peak being an iconic tourist spot in Hong Kong, it is obvious that there will be a trail leading up to its outstanding views. Also perfect for lazy folk, the hike to the Peak starts on a flat road in Midlevels and works its way up the slope of Wong Nai Chung Gap Road until you reach the top. You can start off with a light jog to gain momentum and walk the rest of the way or gently stroll as a passerby. The Peak also has various restaurants, cafés, and a shopping mall when you reach the top to explore! (Tip: If you crave a longer walk, you can also start from Pok Fu Lam!)

Dragon’s Back

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Probably the most popular “actual” hike, Dragon’s Back takes you on a scenic route up a jagged path to a view of all the buildings, beaches, and mountains that the Southern District has to offer. It is a perfect way to spend a day with family and friends out of the busy city. Dragon’s Back is not the easiest hike and requires a certain amount of endurance, so be sure to add water bottles and an extra shirt to your packing checklist.

Wilson Trail

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Up for a challenge? Wilson Trail contains two extremely strenuous hikes on its path, including the Twins and Violet Hill. The trail starts at Parkview and contains over one thousand stairs leading to Repulse Bay. It sounds tough, but once you reach the top, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and reward.

MacLehose Trail

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Far away in New Territories, you will really reach the hardest hike ever. (Its SUPER hard, it has been ranked as one of the most difficult and best in the world by National Geographic)    . The trail is divided into five sections, with the fifth section, Lion’s Rock, being the most strenuous. The various paths permit tourists into receiving a feel of old Hong Kong through ruins and artifacts. Be sure to bring a camera with you on your trek, for you will encounter historic sites from WWII showing the area in which the Commonwealth troops defended Hong Kong against the Japanese, an experience you cannot retrieve anywhere else.

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Pooja Sadhwani is an upcoming third-year student at New York University studying Media, Culture, and Communications with a dual major in Journalism. She was born in New Jersey and later moved to Hong Kong when she was about nine years old. When you don’t see her studying or working at her Ovolo Internship, you will find her hanging out with her friends and exploring the new attractions that the city of Hong Kong has to offer.