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Reaching Lofty Peaks in 2019

We all know Hong Kong as a concrete jungle, but for a day, escape the mayhem of Central and head to the city’s countryside to hit up some of the best hikes (yes, there is actual greenery in Hong Kong – and lots of it!). Enjoy sweeping views of the Lantau coastline, Stanley, and a picturesque romantic view at the summit. Remember to hydrate and have your battery on full for all the Instagram stories you’ll be capturing.   

Here are 3 of our favourite hikes for 2019:

Victoria Peak

There are a number of ways to hike to Victoria Peak but one of the ‘nicer’ ones from the Hong Kong University (Lung Fu Shan). The hike takes you straight to Victoria Peak in only an hour, with no crazy slopes or unpaved paths. It’s one of the most rewarding hikes as it comes with stunning views for little effort. Don’t be intimidated by the steps at the beginning as they’re already the most challenging bit of the hike. If you’re interested in a bit of colonial history, follow the signs towards Pinewood Battery, which was built in 1903 and became abandoned after being heavily air-raided by the Japanese in the Second World War.


Getting there: The hike starts at the stairs next to the gas station on Pok Fu Lam Road. The best way to get to the stairs is by taking exit C1 of HKU MTR station and turning right onto Pok Fu Lam Road. You then cross the road when you reach Lady Ho Tung Hall and continue walking until you see the gas station. The stairs will be on your left. You should then follow the sign towards Pinewood Battery. You’ll then see signs pointing to the Peak and should you follow the signs, it will eventually take you to the Peak Circle Walk where you will have amazing views of Hong Kong’s skyline.

Sharp Island

An amazing place to explore on foot and hang out for the day, the hike starts at Hap Mun Beach – where you can take a dip!! The route is easy to follow and starts near the picnic site area by the beach. The path will take you to the top of Hak Shan Teng Hill where you’ll experience breathing views of the sea and endless greenery. The route then brings you down to Kiu Tsui Beach – a second chance for another dip especially if the weather is hot. Its been said that if you reach the point during low tide, a path of sand and stone presents itself and acts like a bridge that connects to Kiu Tau Islet.

Getting there: Take exit C2 at Diamond Hill MTR. Hope on to bus 92 to Sai Kung Town and take a small ferry at the Sai Kung Pier, which brings you to Hap Mun Bay in around 15 minutes.

Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls

Snuggled among lush, unspoiled greenery in the eastern New Territories are the Ng Tung Chai – Bottom Fall, Middle Fall, Main Fall             and Scatter Fall (there are 4 parts to the waterfall). The trail is lollipop-shaped and once you reach Scatter Fall you can choose to continue down the hill back to where you start to make a loop or return the way you came.


Getting there: Take bus 64K or minibus 25K from the Tai Wo MTR station. Get off at Ng Tung Chai. You then follow the Ng Tung Chai Road uphill until you reach a sign that says ‘Ng Tung Chai Waterfall’. To reach the beginning of the trail, continue walking along the concrete path until you pass by Man Tak Monastery, and you’ll find a sign with the trail’s map at a nearby stream.