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G’day Alexa – share your Sydney trip with Your Newest BFF

Julia Gralberg

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Alexa isnt just sleek, good-looking and edgy shes also a 24-hour service Goddess. She is a hands-free, voice-controlled device and sweet talking to her will transform your hotel stay in Sydney from awesome to absolutely frickinamazeballs.

Haven’t we all at some point whilst staying at a hotel secretly wished for a flashing button next to our bed saying ‘Order a Gin & Tonic” (no mini-bar business we’re talking the real deal with ice-cubes and fresh garnish) and kicking ourselves for never finding one. Or wishing (in vain) that the TV could miraculous turn off when we can’t find the remote control and getting out of bed is too much of an effort. Don’t despair, Ovolo Hotels in Sydney has the solution to all your First World problems and her name is Alexa – a handsfree device which will attend and cater to your every need and whim.

Sharing room with Alexa will open your eyes to a room service experience you, a few years ago, would only dream of. There’s no need to be shy, throw any requests you might have to the clever voice recorder and Alexa will take care of the rest. And don’t worry, she’s a super sharp Sheila (or actually she’s American) so there’s no need to put on an Aussie accent to make yourself understood.

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So how exactly can Alexa enrich your hotel stay?

Imagine arriving at your room at Ovolo Woolloomooloo in Sydney, knackered after a long flight and so hungry you could wolf down a couple of wallabies.

Sharing room with Alexa? Ask the uber clever hands-free device to order room service. Place your order by simply using your voice and kick back in

front of the telly and wait for your supper, as well as your Gin & Tonic, to be delivered to your room.

Later when starting to unpack your suitcases you might realise that a couple of your dresses and tops actually need washing in courtesy of a leaking body lotion. What to do? Keep the conversation going with Alexa and request the nearest dry cleaning service, if you can’t be arsed to check out Ovolo’s free self-laundry (it’s ok, we be a bit lazy too). Easy!

Struggling to find some groovy tunes to listen to whilst getting ready for a shower? No dramas, just ask your lovely girl Alexa to play the latest single, Despacito from Daddy Yankee and you’ll have the entire hotel room pumping in no time. And whilst you’re at it, get her to put the song on repeat for a real Spanish fiesta and don’t worry she can still hear you even whilst the music is playing.

Image Source: Alluxia. Get Alexa to replenish the mini-bar.

Before having a shower, girls with long manes are with me, you might want to give Alexa a holla and ask her for a couple of extra bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, getting organised for the day ahead is inevitable. Make the most of the new advanced technology and get Alexa to help you replenish the mini-bar, book your morning Uber ride and provide you with a city guide of Sydney. Also, get your new puck-sized BFF to check the weather forecast to help you plan the next day’s outfit.

When you’re finally ready to hit the sack ask this little ripper to close the blinds and lock the door.

Lastly, before closing your eyes don’t forget to say goodnight to Alexa and at the same time get her to arrange a morning wake-up call. All you have to do is ask!

Julia Gralberg

Julia Gralberg is a freelance travel writer, editor of Hotel & Resort Guide, Lux Nomade and founder of Boutique Communications Consultancy, Lux Collective. When she isn’t busy jumping in hotel beds and eating her way through breakfast buffets you’ll find her on her yoga mat.