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Heritage meets modern luxury • Spacious comfort • Stroll to all Sydney must-go locations

A Woolloomooloo hotel where heritage meets modern luxury •  Stroll to Sydney’s must-see attractions

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A roomy hotel room in Woolloomooloo with all your in-room needs.

Deluxaroo King

Live large and king-size your Sydney hotel stay with a whole lotta extra space to play with!

Deluxaroo Double Double

Double the beds, double the fun in Woolloomooloo. Because pillow fights are more fun with the beds apart.

Deluxaroo Loft

Experience split-level loft luxury in our Deluxaroo Loft. Book direct for the best hotel room rates, including free breakfast...

Cityvoo King

King-size your Sydney hotel stay with our Cityvoo King, with majestic Woolloomooloo views and plenty of extra space to...

Cityvoo Double Double

Perfect for partners in crime, our Cityvoo Double Double room features two double beds, extra space and stunning Sydney...

Cityvoo Loft

A luxury loft room perfect for those who can’t sit still! Crack open the wine and loot bag on...


Experience ultimate luxury in our Ultraroo suite, a split-level rock-n-roll-style loft room with stunning Sydney views and exclusive perks...