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Frequently Asked Quarantine Questions

It’s been a tough time for everyone the past few months, but we’re here to (hopefully) help you ease your mind with any quarantine questions you might have. We’ve got a list of frequently asked questions particularly on how it relates to your stay at Ovolo.


  1. What are the current quarantine arrangements for travellers arriving in HK?
    Those arriving into Hong Kong via the Hong Kong International Airport will be required to undergo government-mandated procedures regarding the collection of specimen, immigration procedures and baggage claim. Once you have arrived, you will be asked to proceed to the Arrival Halls and board designated transport to go to a Designated Quarantine Hotel for check-in. For more details regarding the length of your quarantine stay, please visit the Government website here.
  2. There are many questions around the duration of hotel stay period. As per government regulations the check-in date for your hotel booking must be the same as the landing date of you/your family as they arrive in Hong Kong.
    These steps are part of the Government Compulsory Quarantine and are out of the hotel’s control. Ovolo is here to welcome you once you are released following receiving a negative COVID test. Prior to this is part of government procedure and not a hotel process.
  3. Can underaged guests check in by themselves?
    If the guest is under 14 years of age at Ovolo Southside or 16 years of age at Ovolo Central, we require a parent/legal guardian to stay with them throughout the duration of their quarantine stay. If the guest is between 14-17 years of age at Ovolo Southside or 16-17 years of age at Ovolo Central, a parent/legal guardian making the booking needs to sign a consent form which allows the guest to check-in themselves on the check-in date. In this situation, the guest can then check-in and quarantine without the company of a parent/legal guardian.
  4. What is your Cancellation Policy?
    Please refer to your booking confirmation letter, or the hotel website when you make your booking.
  5. Is the larger gym equipment complimentary?
    All our suites include walking pads. For other rooms, we have walking pads, stationary bikes and other add on items can be included in your room for a small fee. You can also arrange your own, the hotel team is happy to deliver your item to your room for HKD$500 fee per item. These machines are quite heavy and fragile; therefore we need a bit of manpower to move it in.
  6. Are bookings flexible to align with government restrictions and regulations? In the case of cancellations out of the guest’s control, will the booking be refundable?
    In case of flight cancelations by the Airline, complimentary amendment to the booking would be extended by the Hotel, dependent on the room rate and availability. However, you must send Ovolo supporting documents as proof of cancellation within 24 hours of receiving notice.

During Stay

  1. How do I make my way from the airport to the hotel?
    Outbound travelers must travel directly to the selected place of quarantine. Fortunately, you have a few options! You could either opt for a free point-to-point bus, self-paid limousine, or taxi services. Just keep in mind that taxis operate from 8:00 AM to 2:00 AM daily and only provide services for inbound persons from Hong Kong International Airport to your Designated Quarantine Hotel. A maximum of three guests are allowed on one taxi and if you surpass a certain luggage load, you may be subjected to take two taxis. For more details regarding transport services to Designated Quarantine Hotels, please visit the Government website here.
  2. What are your sanitation standards for the guest rooms?
    We have always been fully committed to providing guests with the highest possible standards of cleanliness. Now, in light of recent events, we are going full OC/DC – Obsessive Commitment to Deep Cleaning. On top of our internal hygiene policies, we also adhere to all sanitation regulations and procedures that are being dictated by the Department of Health. Guests can fully relax knowing that they will be in good (thoroughly washed) hands.
  3. Am I allowed to leave the hotel room for any reason?
    Unfortunately no, but that’s why we’re here to help with our Quarantine Concierge! If you leave the room without authorization, you are subject to being sent to a Quarantine Center, based on instruction from the Department of Health.
  4. Is there a working desk and chair in room?
    All our deluxe/premium rooms/ suites at Ovolo Southside have a work desk and chair. All our rooms at Ovolo Central have a desk and a chair.
  5. Do your rooms have a kitchenette?
    No, in Ovolo Southside our One Bedroom or Rockstar Suites have microwaves available in-room. In Ovolo Central our Radio Suite has a microwave. Further, all of our rooms have teas and coffee-making facilities.
  6. Who should I contact if I suddenly feel unwell?
    You can call the Department of Health hotline at +852 2125 1122.
  7. Is outside food delivery possible? Is it also possible to deliver post or goods (Decathlon, Amazon etc)?
    We’ve partnered with foodpanda to bring you all the essentials that you may have forgotten, are in sudden need of, or just simply want to buy. Link your foodpanda account with ours and get immediate access to exclusive discounts on restaurants, groceries, and shops. We also allow guests to order from other outside food delivery services (guest is responsible for payment), and our reception staff will assist to deliver the items to their doors. Guests’ families and/or friends are also allowed to deliver items for the guests by dropping the items at reception, by which our staff will then deliver to the room.
  8. Is the microwave provided?
    All our suites (except Long Loft Suite at Ovolo Southside) include a microwave. For other room categories, we have limited microwaves available with a small fee.
  9. Can the windows be opened in the room?

    Yes! At Ovolo Southside we enjoy breathing the fresh southside air and we are happy to say, you can to! At Ovolo Central you can open your bathroom window.
  10. Can I meet with my family or friends who are in quarantine?
    Unfortunately no, based on the rules from the Department of Health. No one is allowed to leave their room during the duration of their quarantine stay, and members of the general public are not allowed to step foot on the property.