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Frequently Asked Quarantine Questions

It’s been a tough time for everyone the past few months, but we’re here to (hopefully) help you ease your mind with any quarantine questions you might have. We’ve got a list of frequently asked questions particularly on how it relates to your stay at Ovolo.

1.What are the current quarantine arrangements for travelers arriving in HK?

Those arriving into Hong Kong via the Hong Kong International Airport will be required to proceed to the Temporary Specimen Collection Centre (TSCC) set up in the restricted area of the Airport for collecting their deep throat saliva samples immediately upon arrival. They will need to stay at the TSCC to wait for test results which will be available on the same day before they can proceed with immigration procedures. For passengers whose test results will not be available on the same day (usually passengers arriving in afternoons or at nights), they can proceed with immigration procedures right after collecting their deep throat saliva samples at the TSCC.

They will subsequently be taken to the Holding Centre for Test Result (HCTR) of the Department of Health in hotel by coaches arranged by the Department of Health to wait for their test results. However, the Department of Health will make flexible arrangements according to its capacity and the daily number of passengers arriving on afternoon flights. If necessary, inbound travellers arriving in the afternoon could also be arranged to wait for test results at the TSCC. In general, the relevant passengers will only stay in the HCTR for one night and will be arranged to leave on the next day when their test results are available.

If their test results are negative, they will be allowed to leave the hotel and go home or to a designated place immediately to continue completion of the 14-day compulsory quarantine. Confirmed cases and their close contacts will respectively be arranged for admission to hospital and sent to designated quarantine centres direct.

2. There are many questions around the 14-day hotel stay period. As per government regulations the check-in date for your hotel booking must be the same as the landing date of you/ your family as they arrive in Hong Kong.

These steps are part of the Government Compulsory Quarantine and are out of the hotel’s control.

  • You may be asked to stay the first night at a government selected hotel. The first night stay at the government hotel will be counted in the compulsory 14 night staying period.
  • Ovolo are here to welcome you once you are released immediately following receiving a negative COVID test. Prior to this is part of government procedure and not a hotel process.
  • In the unforeseen circumstance that your test result is positive, we will cancel your accommodation with us at no charge.

3. Can my designated accommodation be at Ovolo?

Absolutely! Just make sure you show proof of the booking record upon arrival.

4. How do I make my way from the airport to the hotel?

The best way of course is simply to take a taxi straight to your booked Ovolo hotel. But if you prefer other methods, check out the following:

Ovolo Central

  • Take the airport express from the airport to Hong Kong station exit B1, then transfer to bus 8 and get off at Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens stop. Walk down Arbuthnot road for 180m and you’ll see the hotel on your right.

Ovolo Southside

  • Take the airport express from the airport to Hong Kong station exit A, then transfer to bus 590 and get off at Aberdeen Sports Ground stop. Walk down Wong Chuk Hang road for 110m and you’ll see the hotel on your left.

The Sheung Wan

  • Take the airport express from the airport to Hong Kong station exit A, then transfer to bus 7 and get off at Hollywood Terrace stop. Walk down Queen’s Road Central for 60m and you’ll see the hotel on your left.

5. What are your sanitation standards for the guest rooms?

We have always been fully committed to providing guests with the highest possible standards of cleanliness. Now, in light of recent events, we are going full OC/DC – Obsessive Commitment to Deep Cleaning. Guests can fully relax knowing that there will be 10 squeaky clean rules and regulations which have been implemented, and that they will be in good (thoroughly washed) hands. Click here to find out more about this.

6. Any rules while I quarantine at my designated accommodation?

Just as we have OC/DC (Obsessive Commitment to Deep Cleaning), we hope you keep it clean too! Ensure good personal hygiene is kept, wearing masks when needed, keeping social distancing, and frequently washing hands. Apart from that, you’ll also need to check your body temperature twice a day and record your health condition for monitoring of personal health.

7. Am I allowed to leave the hotel for any reason?

Unfortunately no, but that’s why we’re here to help with our Quarantine Concierge! Click here to find out more about this.

8. Do the windows open?

Yes! Our windows at Ovolo Southside open slightly (as well as the bathroom windows at Ovolo Central)

9. Is there a working desk and chair in room?

All our rooms at Ovolo Central have a work desk/ dining table, as well as our Studio and Loft rooms at The Sheung Wan by Ovolo. We can arrange on request for larger room types at Ovolo Southside.

10. Can the underage check in by themselves?

On check in, they will need to be accompanied by an Adult, but can complete their quarantine stay on own if 16 years and above. Please contact our Sales team to arrange the bookings on behalf of your children.

11. Do your rooms have kitchenette’s?

No, we are fully serviced hotel offerings. In our larger rooms however we may be able to arrange a microwave on request and ALL of our rooms have coffee making facilities.

12. What is your Cancellation Policy, as of 1 November?

  • Up to 30 days prior arrival any amendment or cancellation without penalty
  • Inside 30 days for change of mind, guest will be charge 50% of stay total
  • Once guest has checked in, early departure or shorten stay is not allowed under non-cancellable and non-refundable 
  • We are flexible under the scenarios, with document proof; Flight cancellation, updates in government regulation or unfortunately, COVID test report positive results. 
  • We allow reschedule of the booking if the guest flight is rescheduled

13. Is the walking pad complimentary?

We have walking pads, exercise and other add on items that can be included in your room for a small fee.

14. Who should I contact if I suddenly feel unwell?

You can call the Centre for Health Protection hotline at 2125 1111 / 2125 1122. For emergencies, call 999.