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Listen up! (To something that isn’t COVID-19 related)

Daily news briefings, the complaints (and prayers) to get a hold of an ice-cold schooner – we can’t escape the Covid-19 chatter. So, when you’re not jamming out to Radio Ovolo, here are some new and noteworthy podcasts to keep your ears, mind and soul occupied while escaping in the world around us.  

Double Impact

When the vibe is… Woke check. 

Calling all 90’s kids – let’s go! No, stay right where you are. Sit your butt back down in the spot which has perfectly formed and sculpted into your behind and watch some cult classic film from when you were growing up.

Take a journey revisiting 80’s and 90’s “classic” films which were memorable, eye opening, mirror shattering to hosts of Double Impact, Tristan and Greg.

Cosy up with hour-long doses of nostalgia, and see how the laughs of Cool Runnings, Rush Hour and Jerry Maguire have stood the test of time.

Join on the conversation to see how your favourites stack up in the modern era AKA, are they woke enough to survive in 2020?

I Weigh

When the vibe is… Self-love baby!

An Instagram account, which started a movement, now a global community.

I Weigh challenges society’s definition of worth through weight and the search for self-love and one’s value. Founder Jameela Jamil (AKA Tahani Al- Jamil on NBC’s The Good Place) amplifies the messages of radical inclusivity, by letting us in on refreshingly honest conversations with thought-leaders, people of influence, and famous friends.

Drawing from and recounting her own experiences with self-love, join Jameela and her guests on an emotional roller coaster of laughter, tears and self-reflection with the likes of icons like Billy Porter and Demi Lovato to Former General Surgeon of the United States, Vivek Murthy.

Join in conversations which are better late than never, because being a fly on the wall has never been so thought-provoking and empowering.


When the vibe is… Seeking closure (for the most part)

From an anonymous host to an 80:20 ratio of solved and cold cases, Casefile takes a deep dive into well-known murder and criminal cases from around the world. Go as deep the criminal trials for convicted cases or theorise on potential endings for those yet to be solved.

Each story is, well, devasting. In addition to the terrifying realisation that fact is scarier than fiction, is the eeriness in how calmly the story is told with a deep male voice and thick Australian accent.

One reviewer puts it perfectly, “the stories are unfolded slowly and methodically by the anonymous host, with just enough editorializing to make it feel like a friend or a witness is relaying the tale.”

Listen to this one with the lights on.

Stuff You Should Know

When the vibe is… Being a know it all.  

This one’s a goodie – and an award-winner!

Don’t take our word for it, numbers don’t lie. Stuff You Should Know has ranked in Top 10 on iTunes since its debut in 2008, downloaded in the millions monthly, not a surprise this is one of the world’s most popular podcasts.

It is definitely because Josh Clark and Charles W “Chuck” Bryant do the hard work. The charismatic duo bounces off each other making their way through every topic from the fields of science, history, urban legends to pop culture.

Listeners are left with a basic understanding of everything to peanut butter came to be an everyday pantry staple, the history of Monopoly, how cult deprogramming works to how Mary Had A Little Lamb became popularised.

The topics are timeless, the banter is scriptless and Josh and Chuck’s natural chemistry paired with their sense of wonder is infectious.

Josh has said they are on a “never ending quest to explain absolutely everything there is on planet earth and beyond.”

Get cracking, you have some catching up to do.

The Daily Talk Show

When the vibe is.. Banter with the boys, and a hidden agenda.

The hidden agenda?

The Daily Talk Show’s mission to make self-development and important conversations accessible and fun. Unpretentious and unpredictable, hosts Tommy Jackett and Josh Janssen, these cheeky larrikins are honest, and entertaining.

With Producer Mr 97 and Editor Georgie Boy joining the chat, listening is like having your favourite people over for dinner where the red wine is endless, and goodbyes are only said after midnight once there’s no more whiskey to enjoy as the third nightcap. One of those nights you don’t want to end because the chat is just THAT good. Of course, it helps that Ash Williams, Jules Lund, Gemma Watts to Seth Goden at the dinner table.

The only way to understand the ups and down, trails and tribulations of life is through great conversations.

As the only seven day a week talk show in Australia, lucky for us Gronks (what fans of the podcast call themselves), the boys are bringing you joy with a new podcast to download daily.

All of the ear candy above are available on Apple Podcasts.