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Dry January 101: Hong Kong Edition

After the marathon of holiday parties and feasts in December – Dry January might be just exactly what you need. And no, it doesn’t involve drinking your favourite dry wine! Dry January started as a public health social media campaign in the UK, where millions of people around the world give up alcohol for the month of January as a healthy way to ring in the New Year.

But we all know, Hong Kong may be the one of the hardest places to stay sober for an entire month. From boozy brunches to irresistible happy hours, temptations are everywhere! But don’t worry, here’s how you can survive through Dry January alcohol-free, while keeping up with your social life. From low-calorie, superfood mocktails to an array of wholesome, booze-free activities, you’ll be sure to breeze through Dry January feeling recovered and refreshed in no time!

  • Sip on a Mocktail – Mixology doesn’t have to involve alcohol. During the month of January, explore the plethora of the finest non-alcoholic cocktails in town! VEDA in Central offers a range of “Preschool” mocktails made with fresh, organic ingredients, using house-made syrups. Head on over to Southside, and sip on the variety of homemade lemonades at Komune. Choose fizzy or still and pick your favourite detoxifying flavour: Lemongrass & Lychee, Rosemary & Strawberry, or Mint & and Ginger.

  • Go for Night Hike! Hong Kong may seem like another concrete jungle. But the city is full of view-tiful hikes and trails to enjoy both nature and the glitzy cityscape. If you’re feeling too tempted on a Friday night, make plans with your bestie in advance to explore the best night hikes in Hong Kong. From short and rewarding trail up to the Peak to the strenuous Lion Rock hike, you’ll have many to choose from!


  • AIA Carnival – AIA Carnival is back again – for the 5th time in Hong Kong – better than ever, with a futuristic twist to their attractions and décor. From thrilling roller coaster rides to awe-inspiring circus performances, there won’t be a moment to dream about that glass of Chardonnay while you’re there.


  • Find a buddy! Ok, we get it. FOMO is REAL. In this vibrant city with Asia’s best bars, Lan Kwai Fong, and too-good-to-be-true happy hours, saying “No” to drinks may be the hardest thing. So, in order to avoid getting peer-pressured, and peer pressure your friends NOW to join the movement. After all, it’s only a month and it’s so much easier when you commit together!

Head to Komune or VEDA for a taste of dry January!