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Best New Happy Hour Deals in Hong Kong

happy hour deals in hong kong

There is no better way to unwind in a bustling and busy place than Hong Kong than to dine. Here we highlight five great happy hour spots in Wong Chuk Hang and Hong Kong Island to discover the best new happy hour deals for you.

1. Ovolo Central – VEDA

VEDA is a vegetarian restaurant located in the heart of Central Hong Kong. Its innovative food and trendy atmosphere are worth a try. The VEDA menu offers creative concoctions to suit every taste.

Recently launched “BEAT-TWIN HOUR” at VEDa, where you can get two items for the price of one will make sure you don’t have to choose BETWEEN two options.  

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2. Ovolo Southside- Komune

Located inside the famous Ovolo Southside Hotel, Kömune is a restaurant and bar with a laid-back beach vibe. Enjoying the stunning views of the city with a glass of fine wine is definitely relaxing. Come to gather with friends, share beautiful moments, or drink after work to wash away the day’s fatigue!

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What’s more? We now also have Little Pig Rosé in both VEDA and Komune! Free flow for 1.5 hours, including all bottles, glass, and frose, only costs HKD$268. Bless your lovely summer with our Happy Hour! 

3. The Optimist

This is a Spanish-style restaurant and bar located in Wan Chai. A popular destination for happy hour lovers. The Optimist offers an extensive happy hour menu featuring Spanish wines, refreshing sangria and crafted cocktails. Delicious snacks and grilled specialities at The Optimist ensure a memorable, happy hour experience.

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4. Honky Tonks

This lively, casual bar in Central is known for its friendly atmosphere and affordable happy hour deals. It offers happy hour with discounted beer drinks, house wine and select cocktails. Honky Tonks is a great place to unwind with a laid-back vibe and affordable prices.

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5. The Pontiac

Here is a bar in Central known for its rock & roll vibe and quality cocktails. Pontiac offers a range of drinks with their own unique creations. Recently, there is also a DEADFALL X THE PONTIAC event, singing karaoke while drinking spicy food. If you like innovation and stimulation, go and take a shot.

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Hong Kong offers many enticing happy hour options, from trendy vegetarian delights to festive parties. Explore these spots to discover the city’s best new happy hour deals.

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