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Inside Scoop with John Aslanidis

Melbourne based artist  John Aslanidis  is making waves in the art world and his works were event recently on display at The United Nations headquarters. Ovolo talks to John about what’s new in the creative world of art, what makes him tick and what’s next… 


1. How would you describe your style of art? 

My paintings occupy the space between vision and sound. This systematic and interdisciplinary approach has a correlation with music and mathematics. The intention is to create imagery where there is no starting or finishing point, capturing a fragment of infinity. In this regard my work has a strong correlation with emergence theory, were complex patterns emerge out of simple interactions. Conceptually, I am not trying to illustrate sound but, rather, give visual expression to its physicality. I am concerned with the physical reaction the viewer has when viewing my paintings. This idea is closely related to the phenomenon of synaesthesia. 


2. What are your inspirations for your artwork? 

The main inspiration for my artwork is music especially electronic music jazz, classical music and science. 


3 Is there one artist who inspires you the most? 

I stopped looking at other artists work for inspiration after 1991 and at that point I implemented a systematic approach which took on my own individual path with my influences coming primarily from music, I will say however that the Australian artist  Don Laycock was a major influence on my work as a teenager when I studied art at high school. 

I had the honour of meeting him in 1993 and I am the proud owner of one of his paintings. 


4. Have you found the art market has changed? If so, in what way? 

The art market has changed dramatically in recent years. A favourable review from an influential art critic used to be the catalyst for sales, however a lot of interest nowadays is generated by social media, art fairs and a lot of work are viewed / purchased online.  


5. What are buyers and the general public liking most about your artwork? 

I feel buyers and the general public respond to the complexity of my work, they also like the kinetic energy and the fact the images always change upon different viewings. There also is a seductive element to the work which they also really respond to. 


6. If you weren’t an artist what would you be? 

I would be a Horticulturalist/ landscape designer! I used to be a Horticulturalist before I became an artist however nowadays I think I would also like to be an entrepreneur. 


7. How do you spend your free time? 

I like riding my road bike and I train in Martial arts mainly Thai boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mainly for fitness. I follow the English Premier League and Championship as well as international Soccer, I also have a keen interest in economics and politics. 


8. So you’re in Hong Kong right now with Ovolo. What else are you up to while you’re in town? 

After working on the wall painting which takes up most of the day, I go for a bowl of noodles at a Japanese style noodle bar. I really enjoy the walk to the train station as I head past most of the bars in central Hong Kong, I haven’t been here long enough to explore but for the time being I really enjoy this simple routine. 


9. What’s next for John Aslanidis? 

My next project is in Melbourne where I am having sections of my artwork reproduced on a wall and ceiling for a forecourt area across the road, from Spencer St station. I am also working on a large sonic network painting which comprises of eight panels joined together and is 3 high x 5 metres in length. I’m finding it an exciting project it is the third painting I have created on that scale. 


John has recently curated a large-scale artwork at the newly created outdoor terrace space at VEDA. 



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