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Wong Chuk Hang Wonders: How to spend the perfect day on HK Island’s Evolving South Side.

Hannah Leung – Lifestyle Blogger

It’s hard to believe that a mere 10-minute drive from bustling Causeway Bay brings you to Aberdeen, a sprawling land of greenery, rolling hills and so many yachts you’d think you’re in the French Riviera (with a fish ball shop across the street of course). An area sometimes neglected by Hongkongers, the new MTR line in 2016 will soon turn the sleepy neighborhood into a major hub.

Known for its current sprawl of funky industrial spaces, restaurants, art galleries and attractions, it’s best to familiarize yourself now with the understated charm of Aberdeen before the rest of the city gets in on the hidden secret.

1. Eat and shop at One Island South

Lane Crawford

One Island South, located the street over, is filled with a myriad of restaurants and cozy coffee shops. If you’re a vegetarian, check out MUM Veggie + Coffee + Sweet , boasting the perfect caffeinated drink and vegetables to spring up your day.

For an all-in-one shopping and eating trip, check out the industrious, in-house roasted coffee at Sensory Zero , located in the Lane Crawford furniture showroom . It’s the perfect fuel to give you the decisive brain power to choose funky home furniture and interior brand names.

Insider’s Tip: The shops aren’t limited to the first floor. Private showrooms hold sales –check out the Joyce showroom on the seventh floor.

2. Play at Ocean Park


It would be naïve to categorize Ocean Park  simply as an amusement park for kids alone. Ocean Park has years of history and significance, since the park opened in 1977. Think of it as a participatory way to conveniently pack in the history of old Hong Kong. Hop onto the Heritage Tram, which takes you through the 1950s onwards. In addition to the rides, there’s also an aquarium, an aviary and animal park.

Insider’s Tip: If you’re like me, and can’t stand waiting an hour for a 3-minute long ride, get there early in the morning to avoid boisterous crowds.


3. Go rock climbing


Attic V, Hong Kong’s only bouldering gym is a stone’s throw away from Ovolo South Side. This is perfect for beginners as well, a safe and clean environment for testing out your climbing skills and mapping out trails. Best of all, an all-day pass costs only HK$100!

Insider’s Tip: There is no need to worry about equipment – you could wear your Ocean Park gear – shoes can be rented on premises.

Address: 4A Yally Industrial Building, 6 Yip Fat Street, Wong Chuk Hang



4. Relax & Drink at Ovolo Southside’s ABOVE


What better way is there to complete the day than to relax on a rooftop and absorb the fresh, lush beauty of nature (from a controlled environment)? Take a deep breath, plunk down onto soft pillows, and unwind by sipping on some cocktails at Ovolo Southside’s sleek and sophisticated outdoor patio bar featuring panoramic views of the landscape from your day. The south coast has never looked so good.

Insider’s Tip: For the Instagram-obsessed, get there right before sunset.


Hannah Leung

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