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The Best Hangover Foods in Hong Kong

Sarah Richard
Sarah Richard – World Wanderer

Now, either you are reading this because you are arising from a heavy night on the booze, can hardly open you eyes, and feel like possibly, today is the day you will die. Or you are preparing for that and need to take action before it is too late. Either way, you’ve come here for the goods, and we will deliver.

Stone Nullah Taverns Mac and Cheese


ALL the cheesy goodness. All of it. This dish is not only carb loaded, cheese loaded and buttery-creamy loaded, but it is goddamn delicious. Now, although we cannot either confirm or deny, we think Chef Vinny made this concoction to cure those somewhat unpleasant feelings the morning after the night before. And by that, we mean a banging hangover. So thanks, Vinny, hangovers around HK salute you (if they could)


Little Burro Kick Ass Pork Burrito


If you’ve been to any of their street parties, or random late night gatherings, they may well be the reason you are nursing a sore head in the morning. Tex-mex gods and seriously party animals, the Little Burro crew are professionals at curing those pesky hangovers. Full to the brim of juicy pork, with generous helpings of beans, rice, salsa, sour cream all wrapped in a huge tortilla if this won’t beat the blues not much else can (ok, maybe add a side of guac just to be sure)


The Whole Show Burger at Burger Circus


Because Burgers. Need we say more? These kids do the perfect hangover burger. Enough to fit in your mouth at one go with minimal spillage. Wrapped up nicely in an I’m-too-hungover-to-even-upwrap-this-burger packaging all you have to do is open your mouth, shove it in and fall back into bed. Get the chips as well, and the chicken wings, oh and you might as well get a milkshake while you’re at it. Just get it all, we won’t judge.


Brunch at Pirata


Cheese, meat, bread, cheese, meat, bread – amongst other Italian delights of course. How could you possibly still be hungover after this feast? Hell to it, why not try hair of the dog and jump right into the free flow option too? But really, the cheese, the meat and the bread. Unlimited amounts of it. Also, this one really won’t break your bank at a cool $298 per/person. Life seems better already.


Zumufi For the health freaks


Seriously guys, you just consumed your body weight in empty calories in those ridiculous cocktails last night, a slice of pizza WON’T make a difference. But as you please; if you really think this will help then, at least, go with this recommendation. The Hangover + smoothie. A recipe of …. all juiced together to make one heart (head) warming drink. You may as well get a salad while you are there, kale is told to do all sorts of wonders.




Sarah Richard

Sarah Richard is a 26 year old professional world wanderer. 4 years ago she left the UK and everything that offered her security and routine in exchange for a constant life of excitement and adventure. And she is still living it now. Through out working as a Dive Master, freelance writer,running her blog ( and working along the way she now leads a life as a full time digital nomad. So follow her in her travels, in which ever country in the world she choses, and learn how you can do it too.