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Beyond the Dinner Table: Your unconventional guide to the festive season in Hong Kong

hong kong festive season guide

The festive season is fast approaching, and the spirit of Christmas is hanging in the air. Soon, Christmas songs will be playing in the malls and festive decorations will adorn the high-rises of Hong Kong. The upcoming festive season will be the first one for Hong Kong since COVID restrictions relaxed, so it’s time to dust off those old plans of yours and get them planned in your holiday calendar! 

If you’re a bit short of ideas on what to do this festive season, you’ve come to the right place. The holidays need not necessarily be about eating a lot of food or travelling; Hong Kong has a lot to enrich, delight, and challenge you up to the start of the new year. Below are some of our selects in ascending difficulty level. 

  • DIY your festivity décor with the Asia Society’s Xmas workshops! 

Difficulty Level: 1 Star          
Think: Family-Friendly, Arts and crafts, Festive 

Want to have a more hands-on holiday experience? On Dec 17th and 18th, Asia Society will be hosting various workshops and community events suitable for all ages, making it a perfect opportunity for you and families all ages to participate! Learn to make gingerbread cookies and Christmas wreaths or brush up on those vocals for some festive caroling. Check out more here and sign up now! 

  • Treat yourself with a glamping and BBQ experience for all your family and friends. 

Difficulty Level: 2 Stars 
Think: Outdoors, Gathering, Dining 

Spice up your holiday dinner party by bringing it out to nature! Upgrade your regular dinner party to an exotic location with rustic, outdoor vibes and space to enjoy some time outdoors. Check out all the glamping sites available across Hong Kong and outlying islands here and plan your BBQ around a cozy set-up around a firepit.  

  • Experience a once-in-a-lifetime view and paraglide off Dragons Back. 

Difficulty Level: 3 Stars 
Think: Outdoors, Challenge, Bucket List 

Always had flying as one of those bucket list items? Check that item off your list this holiday season by booking in a paragliding session off Hong Kong’s iconic mountains! Check out Paragliding in Hong Kong for a choice of three paragliding experiences: Sunset Peak, Ma On Shan and Dragon’s Back. Fly your way into the new year with a once-in-a-lifetime experience!  

[CALLOUT]: Do not attempt this activity without a professional guide! 

  • Camp under the stars of Tai Long Wan. 

Difficulty Level: 4 stars
Think: Outdoors, Challenge, Out-of-the-box. 

Spend a night out on the secluded beach of Tai Long Wan and immediately get transported to another realm. Pack all your camping gear and food for a night and head out to Sai Kung town center.  

[CALLOUT]: Remember to pack for a night in complete wilderness. Don’t forget toiletry essentials and clothes for when it gets cold!  

For a less active route, take a speedboat from Sai Kung public pier to Ham Tin Beach. For a more active route, take green minibus 29R to Sai Wan Pavilion and start your hike to Ham Tin Beach. Simply follow the signs directing you to Sai Wan, and you should be at Ham Tin Beach within an hour. From there, a small path will direct you to Tai Long Wan Beach. Ask the townsfolk for directions if you’re lost! 
Once you are at Tai Long Wan Beach, set up camp and enjoy your natural surroundings: the world (or beach) is your oyster!  

[CALLOUT]: Remember to respect your surroundings, stay diligent around local wildlife and to always clean up after yourself. 

  • Head off on a rouge sea adventure to Sai Kungs Jin Island. 

Difficulty Level: 5 Stars 

Think: Expedition, Challenge, Physical 

Ready to take your physical prowess to the next level? Take the holidays as an opportunity to make the journey to Jin Island by kayak, where you will be greeted by spectacular natural monuments guaranteed to transport you out of Hong Kong. 

To kayak to Jin Island, it is recommended that you follow a guide for your first trip out. To do this, look into some exciting packages offered by local Sea Kayak Adventure Group for an expert-guided journey out to this wonderous island. The whole trip takes approximately 1 day, with a 15km journey on open waters that will really challenge your fitness and reward you with a great memory to end this year!

[CALLOUT]: This route is not recommended for kayaking beginners. Check your preparedness by gaining prior kayaking experience at Sai Kung or Stanley kayak centers.