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Your ultimate guide to surviving the silly season

surviving silly season

It’s the start of summer and the Australian ‘silly season’ is officially upon us, and we all know what that means…

Sunny beach days. Festive parties. End of the year catch-ups with friends & family. And many, many, opportunities to celebrate everything that happened in 2022, and ring in 2023!

It certainly is the most wonderful time of year, but with an abundance of events and calendar plans, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and burnt-out.

So to help you tackle the busy period, we’ve pulled together five quick tips to survive and thrive this silly season:

1. *Add to Calendar*

As events and catch-ups start to build up, it’s easy to lose track of what you’re doing, whom you’re seeing, where you’re meeting, and most importantly when it’s happening! Avoid calendar clashes, by making notes in your phone diary with all the info. It’ll also help you see at a glance if you’re getting a little too silly this season!

2. H2O: Just Drink Water

Whether you’re sunbaking during a hot day at the beach (*be gone, La Niña*), or you’re enjoying a few drinks at a work party, staying hydrated is important and water is your best friend! The trusty H2O will help keep you feeling fresh and avoid nasty hangovers, so you can keep up with all the antics this summer!

3. Switch-up the Catch-up

With so many end of the year catch-ups on the cards, it can be easy to revert to meeting friends and family for dinner and drinks at bars or restaurants. But why not switch it up (and save on the $$$!) by taking advantage of a stunning coastal walk, or even going on a short drive to a national park as a different experience to connect & reflect with loved ones.

4. Its OK to say No

Getting caught up in the festive hype and end of the year excitement is easy to do. We all want to have fun and enjoy moments in the notoriously busy period, and there’s no harm in that. But it’s also important for us to use the period as a time to rest and have much-needed recovery. So avoid silly season burn-out by finding freedom in saying ‘no’ to plans whenever you need moments to yourself, or some personal downtime. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you in 2023!

5. Staycay, and relax!

… and if all of the above fails and the silly season does get the better of you (it happens to the best of us!), why not consider treating yourself to a staycation at one of Ovolo’s luxury boutique hotels in Australia to shake off the chaos? Enjoy all of Ovolo’s signature Perks including complimentary breakfast, a free fully-stocked minibar, and sundowner drinks at social hour at any Ovolo hotel in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, or Brisbane.

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