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You know you are a digital nomad when…

Caroline Pilligrath profile pic
Carolin Pilligrath – Travel Blogger

So you think you are a digital nomad through and through? You’re about the find out by simply answering the 10 questions below with True or False.

Let’s go and see if you recognise yourself!



The first thing you do when you arrive in a new destination is hunt for a stable internet connection. Going to sleep without knowing the Wi-Fi will work when you wake up in the morning is certainly not discussable. Also because there is no other way to upload your newest #digitalnomad Insta post!


You embrace minimalism and are highly skilled at cramming all your stuff into your 10kg carry-on. And you secretly smirk at all the people waiting at the luggage belt while you just walk through the airport without having to stop.


Your friends are either spiritual gypsies or super smart hard-working entrepreneurs and start-up founders, well, or something close to that. You probably have friends all over the world who you’ve made while co-working in Sydney and dancing Tango in the streets of Buenos Aires.


You’ve broken up with Monday mornings because you can now work on your own terms, wherever and whenever you want. Your life has truly become a bit YOLO.


Routine? Getting up when the alarm rings is not your cup of tea. Instead, working on a palm-tree lined beach or a beautiful café in the mountains is now part of your everyday digital nomad life. And sometimes it’s just you on your laptop at home, in underwear.


Of course you’ve heard of the 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris and it’s a huge inspiration to you.


You’re one of those people who will immediately unpack their MacBook and test the Internet speed when sitting down in a café, even before ordering anything. Slow Internet? Ain’t got time for that!


You’ve got a never-ending list of incredible things you want to experience on your journey as a digital nomad. From the ancient Great Wall of China and magical Machu Picchu to the colourful Great Barrier Reef, you won’t go home before having seen it all.


It’s normal for you to spend Winter in Thailand, Spring in Spain, Summer in Germany and Autumn in Mexico. You change your “office” like you change seasonal clothing. Sometimes you even sleep, eat and live in a hip co-working space, like the Ovolo Southside in Hong Kong for example.


And yep, you know it’s slightly trendy to call yourself a “digital nomad” just because you own a shiny laptop and look busy while answering an email from your mum across the globe.



Carolin Pilligrath

Carolin Pilligrath is a passionate traveller soul and digital nomad. Her passport states she’s German but really, her heart loves the open road. She has lived in many places, among them Australia, Singapore, Peru, Thailand, Spain and currently calls the beaches of Bali her backyard. Today, she enjoys a fully nomadic life with diverse offices and constantly following the sun while working as a social media specialist, travel writer, and running a blog called